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warlocktx t1_j6g1uhj wrote

Stupid question, but have you drained it? An empty water heater shouldnt be that heavy. Unless it’s filled with sediment, which happens to my parents because they’re on well water


j45780 OP t1_j6gd2y2 wrote

An 80 gallon AO Smith hybrid water heater is 280# empty.


EthanWS6 t1_j6fxx5t wrote

2 wheel dolly and a friend.


FLTDI t1_j6g00ku wrote

And beer for said friend


Scoobywagon t1_j6g8660 wrote

Preferably a 2 wheel dolly with stair rollers. IF you don't have a friend, a couple of ratchet straps (to hold the tank on the dolly) and a come-along (to pull the assembly up the stairs) will work pretty well.

Alternatively, since it has failed, you don't need to worry about getting it up the stairs in one piece. So go after it with a sawzall and work out some hostility.


PJ505 t1_j6fxz82 wrote

Appliance dolly.


NotWorthTheTimeX t1_j6g55i5 wrote

This is the answer. An appliance dolly used properly with the straps and two people. One person at the top and one at the bottom. Going slow and steady. It will be out in no time. I feel his pain and once helped install a 50 gallon hybrid water heater.


j45780 OP t1_j6g6dfu wrote

I replaced it with a hybrid 50 gallon; it's much lighter.


NotWorthTheTimeX t1_j6g6w7q wrote

The 50 gallon is only 63 pounds lighter than the 80 (281 vs 218 for Rheem). Still a two person job with stairs.


NotWorthTheTimeX t1_j6g6j8y wrote

Nice!! How many years did your 80 last? The 50 I helped install is about 6 years old now and problem free so far.


j45780 OP t1_j6g7v78 wrote

About 11 years. It has two fault codes: one for low coolant pressure and another one for failed upper element (which i could not budge).


Spinaccio t1_j6g0st7 wrote

Did you drain it? Water heaters are mostly air when they’re empty. That said borrow or rent a furniture/appliance dolly.


NotWorthTheTimeX t1_j6g4r2l wrote

You must have no idea. An 80 gallon hybrid water heater is 281 pounds without water. 80 gallons of water alone weighs 667 pounds. If he hadn’t drained it it would be nearly 1k pounds.


inkseep1 t1_j6g7xuf wrote

You can rent a stairs climbing dolly. They lift the dolly on each step so you don't have to.


pnutjam t1_j6g8dhl wrote

You can probably rent an electric stair climbing dolly at your local tool rental place. Call around. They are heavy, but make it a one person job.


uncle_cousin t1_j6g18qd wrote

Ours was just too heavy to get upstairs so we decided to chop it up in place. Turned out to half full of fine sand that must have added at least 200 lbs to the weight.


j45780 OP t1_j6g4twu wrote

Can't chop it because I don't have a way to recover the refrigerant.


chrisinator9393 t1_j6gggn2 wrote

If you really need this thing out of your basement & are doing it on your own property, just chop it up. The quantity of refrigerant in one unit isn't a big deal.


Averen t1_j6g4s9m wrote

Step one make sure it’s out of water

Step two get a hand truck and strap

Step three get one person on handle of hand truck pulling up the steps and one person lifting from the bottom and go one step at a time. Really easy actually


Lopsided_Web5432 t1_j6gtowd wrote

Drain it and get yourself a furniture moving trolley


Bldaz t1_j6g12fu wrote

Might be filled with calcium crack that drain off


j45780 OP t1_j6g65vm wrote

I took a peek with a borescope and there's no buildup.

It's just a heavy unit.


Bldaz t1_j6g6bsg wrote

Sorry man dolly and a bunch of guys


culb77 t1_j6g2fxj wrote

Unless you’re doing something else with it, there’s no reason for it to still be in one piece. Take off anything you can to make it lighter.


Capital-Ebb-2278 t1_j6g2q0j wrote

The first time I replaced a water heater I drained it but the sediment kept it from draining and it was probably half full of water. When I went to move it I grabbed the top and tried to lift it out and it just leaned over and almost fell on top of me. I punched out the drain and let the rest of the water drain out, then it was simple to move. Be careful!


kivuli t1_j6g33sl wrote

I like the forearm forklifts. I use them every time I help someone move or move appliances.

They sell them at a bunch of hardware stores.


j45780 OP t1_j6g776s wrote

Wish I could get it repaired. A new one is about $2,900.


chopsuwe t1_j6gkjvw wrote

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