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I'm doing placement of electrical boxes for my basement. In the case of a lightswitch, should it go immediately on the double stud for a door frame (3 inches off the door), or should I add a small piece of 2x4 onto the double stud and place the light switch box on that (4.5 inches off the door)? My door trim will be about 2.75 inches, covering part of the door jamb and part of the studs. Would like to know what the standard practice is of folks, TIA!



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kittenrice t1_j5ikl6q wrote

Go around your house and decide which light switch is your favorite to use, then make the new ones that far away from the door.

I find that if they're too close to the door, they feel awkward, like, I have to stop and actually hit the darn thing, where as if they are a reasonable distance away, I can just flick my hand back and get them on the way in.


Heretical_Infidel t1_j5j6w1j wrote

Check the nfpa code on this one to be sure your choice is okay


NuGundam7 t1_j5ogc7q wrote

Unless something has changed drastically in the code in the last edition, there isnt a set distance from the doorway for light switches, at least in the US. Besides, it's old construction, and code device distancing doesn't really apply.


larsy87 t1_j5jp1w1 wrote

Height matters more than anything. As long as the trim doesn't interfere with your switch plate, it's good. You can always leave extra wire to the box and see how it feels in one spot, and then move it if you have to.

If you're getting it inspected, put it where you want and see what the inspector says. If you left extra wire it should be trivial to move.


mwwalk t1_j5jsqk2 wrote

Just make sure your trim doesn’t interfere


Maplelongjohn t1_j5jup8f wrote

Add the blocking first is pretty standard

Nothing worse than a switch in the way of the casing


skydiver1958 t1_j5koazh wrote

I would add the blocking. Sure 3 inches is enough for your casing but down the road if you go to a bigger casing you'll be glad you left wiggle room


NuGundam7 t1_j5og6be wrote

Its not a standard distance:

Its usually mounted to the nearest stud to the doorway that isnt part of the door frame. That usually puts it within a foot of the doorway. Standard stud gaps are 16", but the doors tend to encroach on that a bit.

But sometimes it ends up mounted to the doorframe stud, anyway. If the frame is thick enough, and there isnt much trim, thats not a problem.


Thud2 t1_j5ikpv9 wrote

As close to the door as possible