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barbarian818 t1_j5n9wch wrote

Mechanically speaking, you only need to replace the sections that have failed.

But aesthetically you may be better off replacing all of it. But from the description, it sounds like you only really need to replace the bead running around the perimeter of the tub.

There's really not that many possible colors for caulking. Transparent, white and almond are the most common. But other colors do exist. Colors do shift as the caulk ages and gets bleached by cleaning chemicals, so you will not be able to perfectly match the colors.

But getting at least close in color should be good enough.

My advice about installation is

  1. Cut away all the failed caulk, don't caulk over failing caulking

  2. Use a plastic caulk scraping tool to make sure all caulk has been removed.

  3. make sure the tub surface and surround surface is very clean and dry.

  4. use your finger to smooth over where the new caulk joins the good caulk. You want to make sure there is no gap there.

  5. remember: you can't ruin it with a bad caulk job. At worst, you have to scrape clean and try again.