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Spinaccio t1_j59mo3n wrote

Outlets in concrete walls are wired in one of two ways. If there are more outlets on the same wall they are connected horizontally by conduit. A single outlet will have a conduit connected either from above or below.


Alternative-Duty-410 t1_j59p92w wrote

Why you don't try this.

  1. Download a magnetometer app in your phone.

  2. Connect a high power consuming appliance (like an iron / electric heater) in the nearest power outlet where you are going to perform the drilling.

  3. Track down the wiring installation using the app in your phone. Where you find a maximum value of magnetic field. There You have you wiring.

I hope it is useful .


Asphyxir t1_j59m9e1 wrote

Wire/stud detectors are the only way to be certain. As far as I know the assumption you are making is somewhat correct. Wires go to sockets in straight lines from bottom/top but there are exceptions. What you can do is knock on the wall in a straight line from your socket in order to identify possible junction boxes. They are easily identifiable as they make a different sound.


Guygan t1_j59ratn wrote

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[deleted] t1_j59k1ba wrote

Look up the search results in Google. For"how do i find electrical wires inside a wall".


EducationCute1640 t1_j59lzfs wrote

Couple tips. Use a stud finder to locate the stud(s) you need to secure the hardware. Second, take the cover plate off outlet and you will see the exposed box. If you are lucky you might be able to get some visualization of where the Romex cable comes in and hence from what direction.