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I have painted baseboards a number of times and every time I tape the floor, sometimes even double taping it, hoping that none of the paint will seep through so that I don't have to then go and scrape off the paint which takes a lot of time. It seems like every time though some of the paint does end up seeping through, no matter how well I taped it. I have come to the conclusion that regular painters tape likely is not adequate for this type of purpose, I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a tape that would work where I can tape the floor next to the baseboards and none of the paint that gets on it would seep through? Any advice is appreciated



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nsmith0723 t1_j64iq8h wrote

I usually just cut the lines by hand with a smaller angled brush and hope for the best, wash the rest


mslashandrajohnson t1_j64tjat wrote

A good brush, well cared for and quite familiar to the painter, is the way I go every time.

If tape is loose, and paint gets near, it will wick under the tape.

Removing tape may mess up wet paint.


thedirte- t1_j64sqfx wrote

Take a magazine. Rip all the pages out. Slide the pages under your baseboard for the entire length. You can take the extra step of taping them together if you're real bad at painting so they don't slide around. Pull out the pages as soon as you're done and throw them directly in the bin.


jimjamjahaa t1_j65407a wrote

i think the tape is for protecting against an accidental brush stroke, not for creating a full liquid tight seal. if you drown it in paint it will fail. so just use the tape as "training wheels" for cutting in neatly in the first instance :)


SpecialistMaybe8016 t1_j66wtzq wrote

Don’t load the brush with paint and jam it in the tape!!! Use a small brush. Dip in paint and “scrap off” all the excess paint several times. Then gently brush the top of the baseboard working you way to the tape with VERY LITTLE paint on the brush!!! Work to not touch the tape.


CletusDSpuckler t1_j64mhug wrote

I painted professionally for several years. We didn't tape straight edges like this - we learned how to paint to a hard line directly. Once you are skilled, it's faster and doesn't suffer from the problems you're having. Cleaning up the occasional oops manually turns out to be much faster.


MYOB3 t1_j64kljf wrote

We have had somewhat better luck with FROGTAPE brand painters tape. But there is an art to applying it. -TAKE YOUR TIME. Don't rush. -after the tape is applied, run a ruler over it to seal the edge. -Paint all the coats you intend, THEN TAKE THE TAPE OFF! DO NOT WAIT! Slowly pull the tape at a 30-90 degree angle. The longer you wait, the more the danger of peeling the paint with the tape.


torknorggren t1_j64o6vh wrote

Also make sure that floor is clean before applying tape. If it's dirty or dusty you don't get good adhesion.


ellasav t1_j66wku5 wrote

‘Paint’ the tape with plain water about 10 minutes before you paint. Causes the frog tape to creat a seal. Peal tape off before paint dries.


MYOB3 t1_j66xbfw wrote

OOOOHHHH! Really? Thank you! Sounds like a great tip!


harpejjist t1_j66403g wrote

Paint the baseboards after you cut to size but before you install. Then just touch up the nail gun holes.

If REpainting, tape of course and use good painter tape. And do the bottom bit against the floor with a hand brush and not a lot on the brush. With the rest, again don’t put too much paint on the brush. Avoid drips


amnesiac2323 t1_j64linu wrote

I just put a long, straight piece of cardboard under the wood, paint, move the cardboard down the baseboard, then paint that section and so on. Tape is for amateurs


meyerje05 t1_j65epab wrote

This. I use cheap plastic cutting mats from the dollar tree. Hold up a little better than cardboard when used repeatedly.


mcgato t1_j6518bv wrote

My father used to do similar with an old piece of linoleum. More rigid and doesn't soak anything up. I think a wide putty or taping knife could also work.


FoundationallySound t1_j666kg1 wrote

I tape, then add just the very thinnest line of caulk along the tape edge (using a finger or a rag to make it nearly invisible). Paint, then remove the tape - no seepage, and a nice clean line.


bobadobbin t1_j68k2n3 wrote

THIS IS THE WAY. I paint professionally. We tape all trim except the tops and bottoms of windows/ doors where you cant see. We then use white or clear AlexFlex caulk and lay down the thinnest bead possible on the edge of the tape. Then, wipe off most of the caulk or spread it out as thinly as possible. Paint the masked area immediately, and remove the tape immediately after painting to reveal a crisp cut line with no bleeding.


Reelplayer t1_j64u1q9 wrote

Have you tried running a ramp rag over the painters tape before painting? It helps make clean, crisp lines on walls.


l397flake t1_j66hpiu wrote

You are using too much paint


11B4OF7 t1_j64udeg wrote

Wedge sheet metal between the floor and baseboard


kelsey870321 t1_j66j0bz wrote

Giant puffy knife on the ground you can paint against and move along with the brush as you go


hereforthepopcorn39 t1_j66oav3 wrote

I hate the tape. I paint by hand with a tiny brush, even an artist's brush, if I have to, and just have a steady hand. Also follow with a damp good quality paper towel. Near carpet, use thin cardboard undere baseboard or quarter round. Slow and steady wins the race.


bciesil t1_j66rf4b wrote

I use a 24" paint shield and a good brush.


Fernpick t1_j68e3hl wrote

Don’t tape. Use a square brush not an angled brush. You’ll need a bit of practise but a good clean square brush applied with light pressure to flatten the bristles, starting from top or mid point and slide along until you get to the bottom will yield a straight clean cut. Use a moisten rag to clean anything that hits the floor while it’s still wet.


DoItYourSelf2 t1_j64s99m wrote

So I went through this exercise years ago, I installed lots of trim in my house and painted with colors so cutting in would be very time consuming and stressful. In fact with base or chair rail its nearly impossible to cut in when painting wall after trim - I had a pro tell me in this case they paint the wall first, then chair rail, then wall under chair rail then base (top to bottom method). The problem with painters tape is that its designed primarily for easy releease so its made from crepe paper - thus no chance of blocking seepage.

There are tapes made from smooth almost plastic like backing at the home centers (Scotch). The one I used is also blue and I just looked it up, seems they may have changed the name from what I have, now they call it sharp lines. This will make a huge difference as long as the surface you are taping to is perfectly clean and not too textured.

I tried the Frog tape once and spent hours applying it and next morning it had all fallen off, I think the adhesion is really low.


Powerful-Ad-9378 t1_j674p0s wrote

Frog tape. It uses a special gel formula that stops paint


Phraoz007 t1_j690clk wrote

I’ve done it two ways-

  1. Paint the base before you install it, go back and caulk and touch up the holes.

  2. Put paper down, install base- then paint. Pull paper.

Both work fine.


misumena_vatia t1_j65r0jy wrote

If you can't learn to cut a line, do this:


Paint along the edge of the tape lightly with the SAME COLOR THE TAPE IS PROTECTING.

Now paint with the other color.

No bleed through.