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I don’t know exactly what it’s called but it’s the kind of table that you can store things inside and the top opens and comes up and out so you can eat off it easier and you don’t have to take everything off the top to open it. I’m sure there’s some parts I can order to attach to mine I just don’t know what they would be called. Help please! Thank you!



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Gneissguy368 t1_j9fdoid wrote

You talkin something like this


BobMackey718 OP t1_j9fff7l wrote

Yes exactly! Thank you! It’s one of those obscure parts that I just didn’t know the name for or how to really search for it besides asking actual people who know what they’re talking about haha.


Diligent_Nature t1_j9fpotx wrote

You could make your own using a parallelogram design, but the manufactured one is a lot easier. Tool boxes and tackle boxes use them.


BobMackey718 OP t1_j9fs4ku wrote

Normally I would but I have so many projects going on right now, I have to put a new engine in my boat before the summer, I have some Adirondack chairs I need to build, I have a bunch of half finished birdhouses that I need to complete before spring, plus I work 40/50 hours a week on top of that so if it saves me an afternoon or two of tinkering around with a design I’ve never built before I’ll take it!