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MrMinigrow t1_j9ecpe7 wrote

I'm sorry to sound dense, but I'm not quite sure what you mean? Once I removed the glass and old putty there are no slots for the glass to sit in. It's just a bare frame now, there are no little channels that the glass sits in. Do you mean that there are little slots in the frame itself for the glass to fit into?


alabasterwilliams t1_j9ecz8h wrote

Typically speaking, the glass sits just shy of flush inside the casing, to allow for expansion of the wood. The “formula” allows for measuring face to face inside the frame, and then compensating for any expansion.

The glass will be held in place with wood straps that run along both faces of the pane, and then putty or silicone.


MrMinigrow t1_j9ed2yg wrote

Zero wood straps on this one, I thought so too initially as it looks like it from one side. But as I was removing the old glass I discovered it's quite literally just held in with putty


chromohabilus t1_j9ecyp9 wrote

A picture would be worth a thousand words. Usually when you remove the putty and glass it’s pretty obvious where the new glass rests. Can you take a pic?


MrMinigrow t1_j9edun3 wrote

I tried to upload but it was removed. After the putty and glass was removed there is a flat area where the glass rests. The inside of the rim that the glass is placed on measures 380 x 425 mm. That's the very smallest measurement of the window, the most inside rim and presumably what the window should be pressed against


davisyoung t1_j9ee2qj wrote

Measure the old glass if it's still in tact and get glass cut to the same size.