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rjcarr t1_ja6y7pj wrote

Yup, I recently did this. Joists were about 20 years old and looked fine, but replaced with new pressure treated, added sealer, and put joist tape on top. Should last as long as the pvc deck boards, and sadly, me as well, ha.


spiderborland t1_ja7q4gf wrote

Well today I learned about joist tape. After a quick googling, is it effectively the same as sheathing tape like Zip System? A rubber/rubberized tape that just lays on the top joist?


inpantspro t1_ja7x15j wrote

Pretty much


spiderborland t1_ja803rn wrote

Well cool. I came up with idea on my own at one point, but I assumed that it would trap moisture


1HappyIsland t1_ja85i4d wrote

Reminds me of a friend shopping for a roof: 30 years! Do you have 10 year shingles? I'm so cheap I don't want to pay for stuff when I'm dead.


dxrey65 t1_ja94df6 wrote

I still remember working at a car dealership when an older lady was at the counter paying for an oil change, and the salesman told her how she could buy a package that would cover her oil changes for the next five years. She just laughed and said "do I look like I've got five years left? Not likely!"


Revolutionary_Eye887 t1_ja8stx5 wrote

I just did this too. Since I was installing Timbertech PVC I went ahead and replaced all my joists. 32 in all. Some looked like yours, some were much worse, but why install a long life deck board on lower life structure? I added sealer and joist tape to all the new joists.