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ishitintheurinal t1_jaazh3b wrote

Plaster efflorescence. It's what happens when the calcium carbonate in the finish coat gets wet. Not a DIY job. You need a plasterer to repair that.


btribble t1_jabms9q wrote

But before that, figure out where the moisture is coming from and fix it. This looks like an upstairs wall, so I would assume it's coming from the roof. If those are stairs down to a basement the moisture could be wicking up the wall from somewhere.


thedarkonespr0npicks t1_jaau89i wrote

Depending on what is behind that paint, it might be gypsum that has dissolved out of the wall and through the paint. If that is the case, I would not try to hang any pictures on that wall any more.


vyashole t1_jab6aua wrote

Your wall is breaking, you need to have it plastered. Don't DIY


UpgrayeddSmurphy t1_jaau6oj wrote

Looks like gypsum. Drywall dust. That's your wall falling from your wall. From those big ass holes, I imagine.

Edit: how you fix it, is less important than how you did it. You might just cut the corner to the door and start over lol.


Glennsgarage t1_jabb1u0 wrote

Looks like water getting in the roof or walls. Stop the water intrusion then fix the cosmetics…


letmehavefun12 t1_jad9xgr wrote

It look like dried up water. Like when you have a water stain left on something. Ive seen this before after doing a water repair and leak stopped. I would rip it all down from ceiling to wall and re-sheetrock it. That is after all leaks have been repaired.


HomeAutomationCowboy t1_jaeayis wrote

First the source of that water must be found and repaired, as well as any other damage it’s caused. Then to u’re going to need to open up that wall, so it can dry out before mold sets it. That means removing the plaster from one entire side of the wall. If you open it and find mold use a mixture of 1/4 bleach to 3/4 water to spray on the mold and kill it. Wear proper ppe to prevent inhaling any spores. While removing the plaster, open that window in the hall pic and open another on the first floor, putting a fan in the window downstairs to blow air in the house. Don’t use a downstairs window on this side of the house. When the leak and any other damage is mitigated, you can use drywall on this side to replace the plaster.