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seltzer33 t1_jadkdq6 wrote

I have truss lift at my home as well. From what I've researched, nailing or screwing the trusses to the walls runs the risk of the entire wall being pulled up from the bottom plate or breaking/splitting the wood.

A couple of years ago, I had enough of it, went into the attic and located the nails were the drywall was fastened to the trusses in relation to the corners of rooms that had broken drywall seams. I used an oscillating tool to cut only those perimeter nails where the lift was happening. My ceiling drywall was installed before the walls so there no worry of it falling or sagging.

I'm a DIY'er for sure, so don't take this as gospel for your home, but thus far I've had no issues since.


flaccid_porcupine OP t1_jadm5o8 wrote

I've heard about cutting those screws to "float" the drywall. That's something we've considered doing for the worst locations.