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Discoveryellow t1_j72gaf8 wrote

Sharkbite are temporary fixes, that's what a plumber told me. Easy to DIY until a professional can get to it in a few days or weeks.


Great68 t1_j72qgae wrote

Have had sharkbite braided water heater hoses to my hot water tank going on 8 years now with no issues. Maybe one day I'll get around to making it "permanent" lol.


Discoveryellow t1_j72updy wrote

:-D to be fair 8 years is not that long compared to PEX pipes fitted in a 1990s house.


CocodaMonkey t1_j731qe6 wrote

They're long term temp fixes. If you use Sharkbite correctly it should last a minimum of 25 years. I think they're great for first time DIYers. Lets you learn basic plumbing and build up some confidence then you can transition to something else once you understand their limits.

Although quite honestly if you really want you could use Sharkbite forever. Just check them over every decade and replace them if you see a problem. You could literally replace one every 5 years for the rest of your life and it would still be cheaper than calling a plumber out once.


InfiniteCurrency8 OP t1_j72idjt wrote

To be fair, this fitting was at least 5 years old, possibly older.

The plumber that installed our water heater had a heck of a time with getting sweat joints to seal up in one section, so ended up having to use them and was very apologetic about it. Those are just butt connectors and are still fine.

I am not saying Sharkbite are bad, just want folks to be aware tgat they may want to keep an eye on them.


Discoveryellow t1_j72uwz0 wrote

I am not saying Sharkbite is bad, I'm just adding to your point with what I was told by a trusted plumber.


nw0915 t1_j737j5c wrote

A trusted plumber who wants to keep a steady stream of business by bad mouthing the easier DIY solution?


InfiniteCurrency8 OP t1_j73l095 wrote

Our plumber would have said the same, as long as things are typical. Certain installations require atypical solutions. I am fine with it as long as they cleared it with me prior to installing. Ultimately, it is my choice to accept or reject the proposed solution.

In the case of our butt connectors that a plumber installed, the soldered fittings would not seal and he had two days into the last few fittings.


Kent_Knifen t1_j736kim wrote

> that's what a plumber told me.

Plumber wanted to make sure he got return business lol