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Brom42 t1_j72vl65 wrote

This is exactly how I view them. When I had copper and was reworking things, it was a great way to cap things off without having to sweat a temp connection. Now that I am all pex, it's cheaper/just as easy to just crimp a shutoff on the end vs a sharkfit connection.


phormix t1_j740plv wrote

What would be a better way to go from Copper->Pex? Something with a solder connection on one side and the pex-crimp on the other?


slewp t1_j748zi0 wrote

Yes, that is exactly what you would use. Copper sweat to PEX crimp


Brom42 t1_j74d5tl wrote

Yup. They make connectors that you sweat to your copper on one side and the other has the appropriate connection for the type of pex you use. I would definitely go that route for something permanent.


Atty_for_hire t1_j72w9bl wrote

This is what I did last year. We added a first floor powder room in an old house and tapped into the central hot and cold water lines. The bathroom was the priority so we could have two toilets. But I was always planning on a more extensive plumbing redo to the main lines so I used shark bites and left a little extra pex so I can dial it in the future.