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GalacticVariable t1_j734x0k wrote

Agreed. Shark bite, pro press and the like are a problem waiting to happen. Torch copper or compression fittings. If you can’t do it then hire a plumber and specify soldered copper. You’ll be much better off in the long run.


mcarterphoto t1_j739knm wrote

Heck, I fell in love with PEX for remodeling my old house, but I've gone the extra mile to not have PEX fittings/rings inside a wall. And they seem much more reliable than Shark Bites with their moving parts and seals.


lusciouslucius t1_j73idcb wrote

Sharkbites are garbage, but IMO pro press is legit. They hold well, and though I have seen them leak through improper installation, that is always a risk. I haven't seen enough old pro press fittings to really see how well the joints hold up over the decades, but I have seen enough failures in sweat fittings to appreciate the larger radius and thicker material of the pro press fittings. You can argue that failures in sweat fittings are due to improper hydraulic design, but excessive water velocity is almost an industry standard, as the math behind water sizing is very fudgy, if the installer even bothered in the first place. Also, pro press installations have considerably better water pressure. I wouldn't install pro press in my house, but only because I know how to sweat, and pro press fittings are expensive.

That being said, the best domestic water system is expansion pex, which is cheaper and easier than copper anyway, so if you have the opportunity, just go with that.


adisharr t1_j7475qs wrote

I'm a big fan of expansion PEX and I'm replacing a lot of 80-year-old copper plumbing with it. Back then a half inch copper line supplied the entire house.