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GarbanzoBenne t1_j73n95o wrote

For what it's worth I have a new leak coming from within a wall in my 20 year old house. The piping is CPVC so either a glued joint failed or a pipe cracked.

Nothing is 100.00000000% reliable. I can understand being a bit worried by the sharkbite, but the question is more about the failure rate which you can't get from a single failure.


One_Car_142 t1_j73ploq wrote

Sharkbites may not be perfect but they are way better than cpvc. Nothing is worse than cpvc because it gets brittle and cracks. You should really get it replaced before something bad happens.


GarbanzoBenne t1_j73rcax wrote

I'm not disagreeing that CPVC can get brittle but you might be thinking of polybutylene pipe. That's the worst plastic pipe and isn't insurable in some places.