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Odd-Cartoonist-288 t1_j7518eg wrote

Maybe I shouldn't have said often, but they used PVC for a bunch of the supply lines in my brothers neighborhood as they were building it. Honestly it's probably mostly old cast iron or something, but I don't know.

Got any links, because now I'm curious and the only thing I could find said PVC is used, but not how often. I've seen a few systems done in plants made from PVC so I figured it was used pretty often. Also, I wasn't even specifically talking about traditional PVC, just some sort of Polyvinyl Chloride because it's cheap ... or used to be.


Disastrous-Nothing14 t1_j752dp2 wrote

Links? Ya I'm sure there's some Harvard study that pins it right down. No dude, just go in literally any house and there's a nearly 100% chance it's copper or pex, occasionally old cast/lead


Odd-Cartoonist-288 t1_j7559kl wrote

I was talking about before the home. However, I've worked on a few homes and the majority are PVC with older homes being zinc plated steel. House I'm in now is 100% PVC and CPVC, and the house I was in before was the exact same as well. Just went and looked at a home the other day and it was probably 80% PVC and CPVC. This is in the Houston area as well.


Disastrous-Nothing14 t1_j755rnr wrote

Huh, interesting. Must be regional thing, I'm up in northern new England and have basically never seen that. TIL


Odd-Cartoonist-288 t1_j757d1m wrote

Probably has a lot to do with freezing if I had to guess. You should see all the homes down here during the freezes in the past few years. All the PVC in the house I'm renting busted in December.