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jaaassshhh OP t1_ja19549 wrote

Thanks for all the replies!

Picture of the gap:

I was thinking spray foam becuase it's anywhere from 1/2" to 1+" across the whole wall - and was thinking of doing the whole basement. So it'd be a LOT of caulk.


iamkiloman t1_ja1s4ag wrote

Our builder left a gap like that so that if there's ever some moisture intrusion into the basement - leaking plumbing, water coming in through the wall or slab, etc - it doesn't immediately wick up into the sheetrock.

Maybe just put some trim over it?


jspec t1_ja3gyq9 wrote

This is exactly what it’s for. You just need to put your trim of choice down to the concrete that will act as the final barrier.


bobjoylove t1_ja4q2mg wrote

You could pack it with something porous like rockwool.


M_Me_Meteo t1_ja2w8mt wrote

Looks to me like this gap is intended to allow air circulation behind a panel where there is direct access to earth/dirt. If you seal it, the moisture from that dirt may not have anywhere to go.


fizzwig t1_ja1boqv wrote

I doubt that you would seal the actual source of the air leak.


nakedavenger22 t1_ja1eu82 wrote

I’d do that - I’d shove the straw way inside & fill that cavity


CommanderAGL t1_ja3j82z wrote

Have you considered just stuffing chewing gum in there?