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silverbullet52 t1_jadvw6x wrote

Just a thought...

Have you measured red to black? If the answer is 240, the situation may be a bit different than you think.


MyMomSaysIAmCool t1_jadxek6 wrote

OP said that they're both on the same breaker, so they should be safe. But your point is well taken.


WackTheHorld t1_jaec60z wrote

If they are 240v black to red, that's just fine as those wires will be on seperate receptacles. Using a two pole breaker and a shared neutral is a normal way of supplying two circuits (when and where and how depends on your local code).


arwans_ire t1_jaf0mvs wrote

I understand these words just not in the order they're used.


DJ_Spark_Shot t1_jaelwpk wrote

The red is switched and the black isn't. It's a light and utility circuit.