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craigeryjohn t1_jae6kbr wrote

Reply to comment by inna_hey in Adding outside GFCI by Unlikely_Play

OP said the ground is secured. Also FYI you don't actually need a ground wire for a gfci to function.


inna_hey t1_jae8tv2 wrote

Sure but it's still code & best practice to ground things


craigeryjohn t1_jae92gy wrote

Of course. Just letting everyone know that they aren't strictly needed in order to still protect yourself with a gfci.


ChefRoquefort t1_jaefqjb wrote

Unless you have an old house without ground wires and want a 3 prong plug.


Adj_Noun_1234 t1_jaf502s wrote

You don't NEED one, until you need it to be a ground fault circuit interrupter and it doesn't go to ground.