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Hey guys, sorry if this is the wrong /r for this, I have tried to figure this out myself and have failed

The white gear was sort of pinned into place on the metal bar, the pin has snapped and we cannot remove it from inside the bar, have tried everything, not sure if the bar was manufactured this way or something

My question is is there anything I can get to simply prevent the white gear from slipping off the bar?



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justin_memer t1_jadmxul wrote

I would slowly, and I mean slowly, drill a hole through both, and put my own pin.


Azozel t1_jaepo73 wrote

Sort of this.

Pull the white gear off the rod first (I assume it comes off since the question infers it does. If it doesn't come off easily, release the tension on the belt first before pulling it off)

Drill out the stuck pin slowly, use a little oil in the spot you're drilling.

Replace gear and align with pin hole. Replace pin


fuck_all_you_people t1_jae7tem wrote

Grind two flat spots opposite of each other (leave a lip at the end of the rod) and put an E clip on it.


Y34rZer0 t1_jadengc wrote

A circlip or possibly a grub screw through what looks like that hole in the white gear


Sluisifer t1_jae6169 wrote

What's the goal with this repair? If you're just prolonging the life of this piece of equipment, epoxy no doubt. Good chance of working and it's easy.

If you need it to keep running for ages and ages, you want something that can be maintained going forward. That's where epoxy is a bit of an issue.


Max-Phallus t1_jaf1n7i wrote

Completely agree. The number of "JB Weld" answers is saddening.


dxrey65 t1_jadsm0k wrote

If you can slip the gear off the bar, then maybe do that, mix up some JB Weld and slather the inside of the gear and the bar and slide it back on. That will usually stick well enough. I fixed a sewing machine gear that way about fifteen years ago, still holding fine.


jnemesh t1_jadtvj7 wrote

^ This. The answer is ALWAYS JB Weld. Or duct tape.


Max-Phallus t1_jaf1hx7 wrote

The answer is always something much better than an epoxy glue, or tape that leaves residue.


JooosephNthomas t1_jae0xoj wrote

My grandpa reapired a snow blower block when the bottom end let go with nothing but JB weld.... crazy fucking farmer, I still can't believe that shit ran... great stuff.


fried_clams t1_jaerwcu wrote

Have you used an actual, correctly sized, high quality pin punch? I'm betting the right sized punch would work. Remove the gear, so you are sure you are hitting the actual pin. Apply heat to the shaft if the pin is stuck. Try from the other side, if the pin is peened on one side.


fangelo2 t1_jaf43m9 wrote

Have someone hold a heavy hammer near the end for backing as you drive the pin out with a hammer and appropriate sized punch.


fried_clams t1_jaf4i62 wrote

Good point. That way, you won't bend the shaft?


SamBrico246 t1_jadluhq wrote

Gear is plastic, so I'm not confident a grub screw will have sufficient strength...

You can either drill the bar through to remove whatever pin got stuck and put a new pin. Or drill the end of the bar and tap the hole to put a screw in from the end to trap the gear.

Not clear I'd the bar is removable, so drilling from the end may be more achievable...

Or... slather some epoxy on it and cross your fingers


billtipp t1_jae9l59 wrote

I use plastic gears like this on several machines and all are secured with a "Roll pin" through gear and shaft. I would just try to be sure this is not what was used originally before drilling out to appropriate dimensions for a new one. Our hammer out old one with a punch.


stehilton94 OP t1_jaex683 wrote

Lots and lots of great responses here and I am honestly in shock at how much effort the community has gone into helping me

I will be back in work tomorrow morning and will investigate further about the actual pin that was already inside the white gear and see if its possible to get out

I really appriciate everyones guidance on this, I know very little about stuff like this, ask me anything IT ill give it a go, but stuff like this, might aswell be blind


Apotropaic_Sphinx t1_jaeendl wrote

The pin is pressed into the shaft. You should be able to knock it out from the other side with a punch unless it's in a blind hole.

For a DIY fix, that's tough because the shaft might be hardened steel, and a drill bit won't bite into it. I would scuff both surfaces and use a strong two-part epoxy like JB weld if I was 100% sure I never wanted the cog to be removed from the shaft ever again.


Awordofinterest t1_jaem90t wrote

Carbide is great against hardened steel. SDS Masonry bits are amazing at it (Obviously, you don't want any impacts or hammer action, and also you'll struggle to find an SDS carbide bit small enough... Plus you will almost certainly want to use this on a pillar drill (which isn't really an issue with a chuck adapter or something that's atleast more precise than your hands.) The dewalt cobalt standard twist drills are another good option.

As you say, depending on what this gear is moving, Epoxy would probably work a treat.


MightyPenguin t1_jaeh3o9 wrote

Drill hole right through the center of the plastic and the shaft, insert an expanding pin that wont come out.


BurntCabinRoad t1_jaei5zm wrote

Depending on how much torque it has to transmit, a simple gear (band) clamp around the hub of the gear may be enough.


NeitherrealMusic t1_jaelwrt wrote

Looks like a pinned press fit gear. I would lube it and grab a small gear puller and remove. Push/pull the pin from the other side and repress the gear on and re pin.


SatanLifeProTips t1_jaesnd2 wrote

Remove the bar and support it properly on a hard heavy solid surface to drive the pin out. It needs to be good and solid so when you hit it all the force goes into the broken pin.


craichorse t1_jaex1n9 wrote

A small dab of thread lock touching both the shaft and the gear might be enough to hold it, i have personally done this with a metal gear on a metal shaft a year ago and its still holding now lol but it depends on the torque and mechanical resistance i suppose. Is it only able to move towards the end of the shaft? Is there anything preventing it from moving in the opposite direction towards the other gear behind it?


AlexHimself t1_jaex8s3 wrote

Can you drill one or new holes on the side of the white gear and put small screws in?

Similar to those tiny Allen screws on door handles?


Max-Phallus t1_jaf1bz3 wrote

If the the pin has snapped, it won't be aligned with the snapped piece, which is why you cannot remove the pin. What is stopping the gear from sliding off the shaft now that the pin/key is broken?


stehilton94 OP t1_jaf34fm wrote

Nothing, which is why the machine won't function, we need something to stop it from coming off the shaft as it needs to rotate the shaft for the gear behind it to spin


Max-Phallus t1_jaf3wtp wrote

Ah right, so you have removed the gear, but can't get the snapped off plastic out of the shaft?


hazpat t1_jaeeeaw wrote

Heat the rod (not the pin) with a soldering iron then tap out the pin.