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Spinaccio t1_j9ulidv wrote


jacobjkeyes t1_j9uo9wk wrote

If I know for a fact that I'm dealing with Hollow concrete block or similar, I will definitely prefer toggle bolts. Tapcons also work but toggles will always be more secure even though they require a lot more Drilling

You can probably rent a hammer drill from your local hardware store and they may even include the appropriately sized masonry bit to make the hole.


GrimResistance t1_j9vke7p wrote

A regular drill will easily drill a ½" hole in a concrete block, hammer drill isn't terribly necessary. Yes on the masonry bit though.


T3zcat OP t1_j9vou13 wrote

Thanks for the suggestion, I will say that from the experience I've had so far the aerated concrete is very different from actual concrete.


Spinaccio t1_j9vw1dh wrote

The ones I linked are actually advertised for drywall. If there’s space behind your concrete I’d think they would be fine.