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SofaSpudAthlete t1_j7s2367 wrote

With the artificial turf on concrete you’ll always have drainage issues.

Even if you use the common solutions of Simple green for patios and synlawns, or use the same sprayer with vinegar mixture, it won’t drain away.

Consider having a section removed and purpose built for this.


andraspberries OP t1_j7tzyk8 wrote

This feels like the best option. Sadly I think there’s no getting away from the fact that it won’t drain properly; thinking of going down the sandbox/grass box route.


ledow t1_j7sbdbz wrote

Train your dog, take them for walks.

Or don't have a dog.


Highly_Irreverent t1_j7ro4hj wrote


Incandescent_Candles t1_j7s9oxl wrote

All I can think of with this is how gross that is for anyone below the balcony. There's not enough soil to actually filter out the urine and doesn't contain anything to break down the urates. You're essentially washing it down onto whoever is unfortunate enough to live beneath you or anyone unfortunate enough to be walking below, and after enough time all that dog urine is going to cause damage.

Please if you're going this route build something with a tray underneath that can collect the urine and water and can be emptied into the toilet. I know the person in the blog said they didn't want to do it because it's gross, but that's really the only sanitary way to deal with it unless you figured out how to build an entire living vivarium style system with thick layers and bacteria and bugs to actually break things down and filter properly..


BeanyLinguini t1_j7sciw1 wrote

I don't recall OP mentioning anything about a balcony


Incandescent_Candles t1_j7szgup wrote

In OPs case there isn't, but the link that the comment above provided does. But the urine will still ruin the concrete that OP has


andraspberries OP t1_j7tztw1 wrote

No balcony here, it’s the garden of a house. But I do think the sandbox idea may work well for the occasional use required!


newurbanist t1_j7sv3di wrote

The turf very likely has a pad for cushion as well. It'll be a sponge for urine. If it was designed for dogs to pee on, it definitely wouldn't have concrete. Don't do it.


loverlyone t1_j7sco3t wrote

I believe there’s a product you can spray on and it neutralizes the urine. We had two dogs and artificial turf over sand in our small patio/side yard. Lots of sun and heat and a brick wall, but we never experienced any smell.

BRB with a link if I can find it.

artificial turf treatment


patameus t1_j7t2o32 wrote

Take your dog to the park every day. If you think it's ethically appropriate to treat a small back yard as you dog's sole source of enrichment, you are mistreating your dog.

You have a computer, a small pocket computer, a gaming computer, a car, a workplace, and a social life. If your dog's only access to freedom is a small yard where their urine and feces accumulate to the point of being malodorous, you are being abusive to that animal.

Dogs are pack animals, and they are active. Take your dog for a walk in the park near your home for an hour every day. You'll find the stinky side yard problem won't exist.


stealthsjw t1_j7tmz2i wrote

You're making huge leaps here. My dog gets daily walks, games, treats and dog park visits, and he also pees in the yard.


B3rrrt t1_j7tgap4 wrote

I just feel the need to point out that dogs go to the toilet more than once a day. So they will still have an issue because the dog will be using the garden. However, there are people who use the front path/ somewhere else right outside their front door instead of a garden. But suggesting going to a park isn't helpful when they are normally a drive away or at least 10-20 min walk or more.


onedaybetter t1_j7tp7d2 wrote

Little harsh, no? Speaking from experience that you may not have, it takes a miniscule amount of urine in artificial turf to make a huge smell. This is going to be a problem for the OP if their dog uses it even once a week.


Vickyinredditland t1_j7tvt6r wrote

What are you talking about? Why would you go to the park every time the dog needs the loo if you have your own yard? 🧐. Walking them is a totally different thing.


andraspberries OP t1_j7tzhle wrote

He’s walked twice a day every day without fail & this won’t be changing when we move. The garden (although fairly large) is far from his sole source of enrichment!

I know from current experience, however, that he still semi-regularly uses the garden for pees & the occasional poo. It’s just a reality for us I’m afraid. So looking for a solution that avoids a stink!


[deleted] t1_j7tx17r wrote

you're getting shit on but youre absolutely right.

I wouldn't let my dog pee on a concrete pad covered in turf. That's basically peeing on carpet.


Jinxletron t1_j7tha7i wrote

That sounds awful. Make sure to check it's not the kind of grass that heats up like crazy in the sun, some of those get really hot it'll be not fun on a dog's paws.


notevenapro t1_j7tvgv2 wrote

We researched turning a huge section of our yard into an artificial grass dog pee poop area. It is a huge process. We decided on a 18 x 18 foot area. It was dirt so we covered it with landscape paper then pine chips. We change the majority of the chips out every year or two.


Vickyinredditland t1_j7tw1u1 wrote

It's doable, I used artificial grass on the patio to potty train my puppy. White vinegar gets rid of the smell, along with regular rinsing, but it does get smelly fast so I would try and either fence off a section or train your dog to only go in one small area, to make it more manageable.


MrSquigglesRocket t1_j7tynml wrote

Cheap white vinegar from the grocery store mixed with 3 parts water and poured over the plastic grass with a watering can will kill off the urine smell very effectively.

I don't know about your location but I can get generic branded white vinegar 2 litres for $1.40 where I am.


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Kmia55 t1_j7t3gi9 wrote

I don’t really have a solution but vinegar really does work if you have a urine smell to clean.


JMJimmy t1_j7srcrg wrote

Nature's Miracle Dog Urine Destroyer.

It's a concentrated enzyme that naturally breaks down the urine rapidly.

It's not cheap though, so training the dog to go on command should be key. If it's a large dog a walk at least every 8 hours is required. If it's a small dog, much more frequently.