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patameus t1_j7t2o32 wrote

Take your dog to the park every day. If you think it's ethically appropriate to treat a small back yard as you dog's sole source of enrichment, you are mistreating your dog.

You have a computer, a small pocket computer, a gaming computer, a car, a workplace, and a social life. If your dog's only access to freedom is a small yard where their urine and feces accumulate to the point of being malodorous, you are being abusive to that animal.

Dogs are pack animals, and they are active. Take your dog for a walk in the park near your home for an hour every day. You'll find the stinky side yard problem won't exist.


stealthsjw t1_j7tmz2i wrote

You're making huge leaps here. My dog gets daily walks, games, treats and dog park visits, and he also pees in the yard.


B3rrrt t1_j7tgap4 wrote

I just feel the need to point out that dogs go to the toilet more than once a day. So they will still have an issue because the dog will be using the garden. However, there are people who use the front path/ somewhere else right outside their front door instead of a garden. But suggesting going to a park isn't helpful when they are normally a drive away or at least 10-20 min walk or more.


onedaybetter t1_j7tp7d2 wrote

Little harsh, no? Speaking from experience that you may not have, it takes a miniscule amount of urine in artificial turf to make a huge smell. This is going to be a problem for the OP if their dog uses it even once a week.


Vickyinredditland t1_j7tvt6r wrote

What are you talking about? Why would you go to the park every time the dog needs the loo if you have your own yard? 🧐. Walking them is a totally different thing.


andraspberries OP t1_j7tzhle wrote

He’s walked twice a day every day without fail & this won’t be changing when we move. The garden (although fairly large) is far from his sole source of enrichment!

I know from current experience, however, that he still semi-regularly uses the garden for pees & the occasional poo. It’s just a reality for us I’m afraid. So looking for a solution that avoids a stink!


[deleted] t1_j7tx17r wrote

you're getting shit on but youre absolutely right.

I wouldn't let my dog pee on a concrete pad covered in turf. That's basically peeing on carpet.