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These 2 planters have sunken a little and were only built with 3 sides. Only one pictured. We went and added the 4th side and rounded the corners. The last part is finishing up the top level and this is where I have a few questions. What I think I need to do is glue down a set of plastic shims to raise it up. I need to use both halves of the broken shim to get to level. I'm thinking I place and glue these. Then when they set I fill in the gap with extra glue when laying the top stones.

I also have a few badly unlevel stones. I was thinking maybe I could get a really low grit sanding pad and level the high spots out. Thoughts?

Should I use cement or something instead? Maybe glue the stones and then fill the front with some cement for aesthetics?



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mully_and_sculder t1_jaevgte wrote

By the time you do all that it would be better just to pull them up and relay them all with a proper base.

Or just don't worry about it.


TheRealGunn t1_jaf0igh wrote

There's no half measure that will get this where you want it long term.

Either completely relay it with a proper base, or just live with it.

It doesn't look bad at all.


openminded74 t1_jaey42c wrote

A grinder would work good to grind the unlevel ones flat and then you can lay the new ones on top. I wouldn't use glue to try and make up space because it will probably leak out before drying. I use use mortar if you didn't mind having a large joint under it.