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TootsNYC t1_ja6qjno wrote

Oh, you need to watch this video. He points out all the reasons your caulk job failed. I used his method, which relies on a caulking tool, and my tub looks new 3 years later.

Basically: Tape pulls up the edges Using your finger produces these this layers that peel up. Misting soapy water lets the water run behind the caulk and it doesn’t stick.

Here’s my one additional truck to keep it from being messy: cut a bunch of paper towels into 4” squares. Put them by your knee as you work. Also have an open-top trash can with a liner. When you wipe a section of the caulk with the tool, you’ll need to clean the tool before swiping the next section. Use one corner of a square; then the next, etc. this makes it easy to tell which you’ve used, and you can drop it in the trash can when you’ve hit all areas. (Using a wet cloth was so messy because I couldn’t tell where I’d wiped already.

Also—he suggests a caulking tool that has lots of nifty features. You can get less expensive tools without them for about $8 or $9

What my tub looks like: