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The frame to my sliding door panel is broken along with the wheels and screws to hold zed wheels. The entire frame unit is fine but it's there a way to just replace the sliding door? I've been shopping around but it seems most places only sell the entire unit. Because of how the wheels broke I'm having trouble removing the panel of the railing knowing it might break more once completely off so I'd like to know my options before fully committing.



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mymook t1_j9yrl6y wrote

If you own the home? Your best option is replace it. Anderson is your best and only option if you hope to do the job by yourself. All other sliders i have ever installed ( hundreds ) come pre-assembled and will take 2 or more people to install and a decent sized truck to transport it. Where as an Anderson slider comes in boxes (3-4) , and is easily installed by 1 person. I like their vinyl clad wood slider myself. We have 2 of them in our home. They also stand behind their lifetime warranty too. No they are not the cheapest, but they are one of the better sliding doors out there. One issue you will have to address is size, Anderson sliders are 5’10” width not 6’ like many others. I have always filled out framing to accommodate the difference, not difficult and insulate the gap is added bonus. Height is standard 80”. Anderson also guaranties parts support for 10 years from production end or at least they used to. Good luck.


ntyperteasy t1_j9z2fjx wrote

This isn't true. The metal clad wood pella sliding doors have an easily removed/replaced sliding section so you remove it for transport and initial install and and then puck it back to check everything before putting the final fasteners into place. You definitely need delivery or access to a truck, but that's true for all of them.

You can buy Pella doors direct (with or without install) or from Lowes (in the US). The Lowe's pricing is much better than list price, and I found the pella dealer will match it, there are some features / combinations that Lowe's can't order for some reason.

I am not advocating for Pella over Anderson; just there are more choices out there.


mymook t1_j9zev4v wrote

I like Lowes over HD tbh, they have offered military discounts when HD and others did not. But if I’m not mistaken? Only Anderson has frame NOT assembled. In fact you can bring home a complete Anderson slider in your SUV, Minivan or station wagon. No truck needed lol. But if Pella has upped their game? that frame is un-assembled, other panels boxed, ? Then this would make for direct competition to Andersons long time un-opposed market. I work alone most of the time, so it is of direct need that I am very familiar with Andersons product over the past 20-30 yrs. But even at my age, I would and do install Andersons slider doors or french doors. But many others I can not do alone. I’ve installed many of Pella’s vinyl sliders too over the years. My experience with them has been mostly vinyl extruded & welded frames. Not as robust a product as andersons for sure, and for about same money. Js


brock_lee t1_j9ym1e5 wrote

If the door is still sold, you can buy the unit and just replace the slider. Wasteful, but easy. Have you checked to see if the manufacturer just sells the doors without the frame? If the doors are older and were common in your area, you might be able to ask neighbors if anyone replaced one and still has the old one that's functional.

My doors are 42 years old, and when the rollers failed, I asked around on Nextdoor since these same doors were used in every house around here, but never heard from anyone. I finally managed to locate new replacement rollers after a long search.


dtgray12 OP t1_j9yn4m6 wrote

I bought some rollers and a handle from HD but couldn't get my old rollers off due to the rust. I'll check the nextdoor app.


Royal_Acanthisitta51 t1_j9ymgww wrote

They sell replacement wheel kits. I think most of them are the same design.


dtgray12 OP t1_j9ynvdd wrote

I tried that already. Couldn't get the old ones off due to bad rust. Ended up pulling the frame to the door panel off the rubber seal.


fredsam25 t1_j9yt3bn wrote

The cost will be similar to getting the the whole unit replaced.


_theentourage t1_j9yydj1 wrote

Glazier here. If you are in the us of a. Check out CR Lawrence If in Canada. All glass or CR Lawrence


Busy_Pound5010 t1_j9yz329 wrote

Nope, just throw the house out and get a new one