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fredsam25 t1_j9yhqfd wrote

To calculate the shear strength of anything, look up the shear strength of the material: about 30 kpsi for carbon steel. Then multiply by the cross sectional area: M5=> ~4.1mm od = 0.161in od => 0.0205 in^2. So shear strength is 30,000 psi x 0.0205 in^2 = 610 lbs. Then divide by 4 for a safety factor. So place no more than 153 lbs per screw in shear.


PM_meyourGradyWhite t1_ja0a0iw wrote

Got a mechanical engineering education and went into a slightly different engineering field for work. Never do stress analysis.

Except this exact one that comes up every so often around the house. 😆