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5degreenegativerake t1_j9rumgb wrote

Reply to comment by Fro_Yo_Joe in Tile installed on concrete by foxrue

ZEP makes a lot of really good stuff but you need to read the directions carefully because a lot of it leans toward “Industrial strength”.


lympunicorn t1_j9s6trv wrote

This is good advice right here. I used their grill and oven cleaner on my stovetop grates without gloves and got chemical burns up my arm where it dripped - I could rub my skin off where it happened. It was a great reminder to read the instruction and take precautions. My grates cleaned up nice though.


enjoytheshow t1_j9thc9b wrote

What about a respirator too? Seems like shit that can burn your skin is also not great to inhale


AdmiralPoopbutt t1_j9ti1a7 wrote

Oven cleaner tends to recommend that also. Or at least heavy ventilation. The ones I have used tend to be spray and leave for an hour type products.


foxrue OP t1_j9thfpz wrote

Noted! Thank you so much!