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Whoretron8000 t1_jbmq4x8 wrote

They blew up 2.5 tons of fireworks in a neighborhood... After taking their sweet time loading it unsafely, playing with their toy robot when they wanted to, then injured a bunch of people and traumatized many more AND tried to get the dude slanging fireworks ("with a street value of $200,000") to cover the cost of damage they caused...

Sounds about right.


Jeep_Stuff t1_jbmyl77 wrote

That was only 45 pounds according to the news reports in the doc. 2.5 tons would have been a little bit bigger...


Thetallguy1 t1_jbn6kpn wrote

As someone who's blown a charge with a net explosive weight of around 20lbs.... yeah that definitely was not 2.5 tons, 45lbs sounds completely right. The OKC bombing was a little over 2.5 tons, and that literally evaporated half a building.


Tony2Punch t1_jbn8nm8 wrote

The OKC bombing was a fertilizer bomb not a bunch of fireworks


Own_Win6000 t1_jbnpm3h wrote

the Physics don’t care where your energy comes from


TheChemistAstronaut t1_jbnzpt8 wrote

But the chemistry does, lol

Different stuff explodes with different energy. You're telling me however many tons of fertilizer bomb would explode the same as the same amount of fireworks?


thunder_blue t1_jbo0767 wrote

No, they're telling you that the explosive force is the same in both cases. '45 lbs' is a description of the force, not the weight of the bomb/fireworks.


mrgonzalez t1_jbo44bh wrote

The original quote was on the weight of fireworks.


turnpot t1_jbpgvwg wrote

This is incorrect. First of all, the force from the fireworks is not measured in pounds; even if you're talking about the shock wave, the peak force from that at a given point would be measured in psi (pressure), and would vary wildly depending on where you measured it


Own_Win6000 t1_jbo157n wrote

Did you get your Chem BS from the university of phoenix?

Ahahaha he blocked me - every redditors favorite way to win an argument

I’ll always miss you /u/thechemistastronaut


TheChemistAstronaut t1_jbo2hsd wrote

Resorting to a personal attack, which is also just misguided (which chem BS teaches about explosive TNT equivalent measurements lol?) and linking Wikipedia instead of an actual source relevant to the situation at hand. Instead of being constructive you're just trying to inflate your own ego.

I suggest going and reading the (more relevant) LAPD 27th St After Action Report, LAPD 716 E. 27th Street AAR, and ATF Final TCV Report on the incident, which I did prior to commenting.


CowMetrics t1_jbp7k51 wrote

Not to mention each forework is in its own compartmentalized container. Taking far longer for them all to go off than if they were all ‘disassembled’ and put into a singular container. And then one that could partially contain the blast until everything was lit. Not all explosives are the same, they have different expansion and mechanisms of which to go off


entotheenth t1_jbnqe5e wrote

A ton of fireworks is not a ton of explosives, it’s mostly paper.


Own_Win6000 t1_jbnst23 wrote

Explosions are measured in the unit “tons of tnt”


WikiSummarizerBot t1_jbnsu06 wrote

TNT equivalent

>TNT equivalent is a convention for expressing energy, typically used to describe the energy released in an explosion. The ton of TNT is a unit of energy defined by that convention to be 4. 184 gigajoules, which is the approximate energy released in the detonation of a metric ton (1,000 kilograms) of TNT. In other words, for each gram of TNT exploded, 4.

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entotheenth t1_jbnu9zi wrote

And what does that have to do with the amount of perchlorate and paper wrapped around a Roman candle.


resumethrowaway222 t1_jbo3xil wrote

How did only 45 pounds do that much damage? I set off more than 45 pounds of fireworks most fourths of July.


misterchief117 t1_jbo87jn wrote

They substantially exceeded the rating for the Total Containment Vessel (TVC) they put everything in. It's likely they added too much initiating explosives and were off by a few zero's in their calculations...if they even did any.

This source suggests TVC's the size they used are rated between 2 to 10kg of TNT equivalent explosives. If the LAPD estimated the fireworks had 45 pounds of TNT equivalent, then they REALLY fucked up.

This essentially just turned it into a bigger bomb with more shrapnel.

The source also states that, "The TCV is designed to contain the bomb while being transported to an area where it can be rendered safe."

In other words, they should have never detonated this within a populated area.

What's really fucking stupid is that boxed/packaged fireworks are incredibly safe. Even bootleg ones are as long as they're treated with respect. Consider they made it all the way to wherever you brought them without spontaneously exploding...

The LAPD should have just hauled the boxes away to a remote site and then either detonated them or use them for a public firework event. I'm surprised they didn't just sell them back to the community and arrest anyone who bought them because they're corrupt fucks.


fencepost_ajm t1_jbozlrx wrote

Or simplified, they turned their explosion containment vessel into a giant pipe bomb, magnifying the damage.


surfer_ryan t1_jbq52x6 wrote

Yeah they kept harking back to "imagine if it had gone off on the road!?!?!" But like guys how do you think that shit got there to begin with it just materialized?? It wouldn't go off on the road unless they idk set it off... even then had they bothered to do literally any kind of measurements of weight at all... they would have known it was too much... almost double the maximum capacity... that is straight negligence.

LAPD needs to just take the L on this one, move on and learn from their mistake.

Absolutely unbelievable they are trying to play this off like they didn't fuck up here. Like I get it to some extent but holy shit sometimes you fuck up and you just gotta own it.


reflUX_cAtalyst t1_jbpeuqc wrote

ANFO and black powder fireworks are NOT the same thing.


Thetallguy1 t1_jbpg8ho wrote

I don't use ANFO, I dont think I ever had. Mostly RDX based explosives. The biggest mistake they made though was when their amateur hour bomb tech "visually estimated," the NEW instead of doing some basic as algebra.


MagicHamsta t1_jbou9l4 wrote

They used standard police weighing procedures, the entire container (the bomb containing vehicle) was included as part of the weight of the contraband.


Whoretron8000 t1_jbqye1j wrote

Oh crap, I thought it was the whole stash when writing the comment. Which was 5000 lbs according to the begining of the doc.

So they added way more explosives to set it off... Only blowing up a tiny fraction of the total.


Loggerdon t1_jboqr8c wrote

The guy said 32,000 lbs of fireworks, not 5,000.


Bdsman64 t1_jbq3vye wrote

That was the entire cache, not what they detonated.


BeefArtistBob t1_jbnglqs wrote

Everything you said was wrong but thanks for continuing.


Bearbear360 t1_jbo722j wrote

I rewrote his statement since everything he said was wrong. Clearly, what happened was someone else blew up not fireworks in an open field, after hurriedly and safely loading them. No robots were used. There was no explosion. No one was injured. No one was traumatized. The lapd immediately took responsibility for their mistake and didn't try to blame anyone. /s


p0st_master t1_jbob0o8 wrote

Everything you said is wrong and you’re a terrible artist who is completely out of touch with the human condition.


awesomeheadshots t1_jbmunpv wrote


now_you_see t1_jbofxap wrote

That article is fairly old, this one just came out a couple of weeks ago after they got chewed out for deciding they were going to boot the remaining tenants out of the hotel because TL;DR ‘they were deliberately dragging their feet’ when it came to getting their homes, that the LAPD blew up, repaired.

They thankfully chose a better course of action after realising what a public relations nightmare it’d be.


prof_the_doom t1_jbp1ak0 wrote

Especially since the whole "dragging their feet" thing was complete BS.

Apparently the city and various insurance companies are still arguing about who should pay for repairs, so most of the houses still haven't been fixed.


genius_retard t1_jbpavm6 wrote

Maybe they should fix the houses first and argue about the bill after.


BLKMGK t1_jbqf81y wrote

Who’s fronting that money? Contractor’s aren’t going to work for free.


donDanbery t1_jbmnfxn wrote

Is there anything LAPD doesn’t screw up or ruin ?


MacDerfus t1_jbolkp9 wrote

On an absolute level, yes. The NYPD alone ruins more than them.


insaneintheblain t1_jbms5jy wrote

Remember the time the US government shot a missile at a residential block?


yogamushroommusic t1_jbmvhxj wrote

Woah that’s crazy! I only remember when they firebombed an entire city block, oh and shot the children running out.


FUTURE10S t1_jbmxe6i wrote

Only a city block? Back in my day, the US government came in and shot up and set fire to colonies, women and children included, just because they wanted to "get paid" and "work only eight hours a day". Entitled kids that want to go and buy from whatever store they want, what's so bad about the company store? ^^/s


BeefArtistBob t1_jbngqja wrote

No, can you provide some proof? I’m interested.


insaneintheblain t1_jbnl0ho wrote

Philadelphia, 1985 (It wasn't a missile, an air-to-ground bomb)


ashittyhaikuappeared t1_jbnztjx wrote

Air to ground bomb huh?

As opposed, for instance, to

A ground to air bomb?


OutOfStamina t1_jbpemda wrote

SAMs are a thing.

So, yes, as opposed the specific example you created, and others.


ashittyhaikuappeared t1_jbpftme wrote

Which is a missile

Not a bomb


OutOfStamina t1_jbpg19k wrote

A missile is a powered bomb?


Bdsman64 t1_jbq6qqx wrote

A missile is an object which is forcibly propelled at a target, either by hand or from a mechanical weapon.


OutOfStamina t1_jbq79tn wrote

True (ie, arrows aren't bombs but are missiles). And I wondered if someone would mention this when I said the German Shepard thing.

It's also true that some missile are bombs, and some aren't. So far, we're talking about the ones that blow up. Of all missiles that are bombs, they're bombs (which is tautological).

No one claimed they dropped missiles that weren't bombs. Which... is kind of a case in point for the entire (totally absurd, lol) argument.


ashittyhaikuappeared t1_jbpgh0o wrote

Goddamnit, how obtuse do you people have to be?

A bomb is either stationary or dropped. A missile is a powered explosive device that flies, under power, from one place to another (it does not solely fall).

You know what the fuck I mean. No normal English speaking human would call a missile a bomb. If English is not your primary language, we’ll, tough shit. We’re speaking English now and adhering to customs of English communication. A bomb is placed or dropped. A missile flies.

Full stop.


OutOfStamina t1_jbpoj4x wrote

It's like coming in to argue that a german shepard isn't a dog anymore once he attains german shepard status.

I'm not the one being obtuse.

Either the word "bomb" means a superset group that includes a subgroup set called "missiles", or it's not. I didn't start this pedantic thread with a snarky comment about the idea of a bomb going skyward pretending missiles aren't bombs for no reason.


ashittyhaikuappeared t1_jbptxx0 wrote

Oh get stuffed. Idiot.


[deleted] t1_jbpuo5p wrote



ashittyhaikuappeared t1_jbpv4ce wrote

Because EVERY motherfucker in this country knows that a bomb is something you drop and a missile is something that is self-propelled. I don’t give a good goddamn if one is within the vent diagram of the other - you’re the one engaged in a stupid pedantic argument.

So, kindly go piss up a rope.


surfer_ryan t1_jbq6dzt wrote

I mean for someone so concerned over the exact meaning of words... you should probably know it's a venn diagram...


WrongJ0n t1_jbnjeub wrote

He made it up


insaneintheblain t1_jbnl0yq wrote

Did he?


friedlock68 t1_jbntwye wrote

Wrongbot 5000


WrongJ0n t1_jbnyx1z wrote

Did u provide any sources or just spread more misinformation


WrongJ0n t1_jbo5iw8 wrote




Archivemod t1_jbo9md7 wrote

I think the important factor isn't if it flew through the air so much as the government bombed its own civilians, mate. you're being a pedant, and kind of a weird facebook type to boot with how you're formatting this reply.


WrongJ0n t1_jbobdd1 wrote

You cannot just purposefully spread harmful misinformation on the internet!!! Dropping missiles on a town is a whole bigger deal 🚨🚨I reported you 🚨🚨


BhamCat t1_jboynd6 wrote

You're either the most poorly programmed bot or a complete fucking stooge. I hope for your sake it's the first.


WrongJ0n t1_jbozlzl wrote

I quote OP: “Remember the time the US government shot a missile at a residential block?”

That is pure misinformation. Why am I the bad guy


Archivemod t1_jbq5ry9 wrote

Because The two things that happened are completely equivalent in atrocity, making the point of distinction one of semantics rather than moral importance

in idiot, since I'm assuming you can't read:

hurr man not hit TO DEATH with ROCK, man hit TO DEATH with STICK! FAKE NEWS, STICK NOT ROCK!!

seriously though, think before you post


WrongJ0n t1_jbq8foz wrote

Stop spreading misinformation 🤡🤡🤡


friedlock68 t1_jbo8iyj wrote

The person above you did (beep boop) I'm sure you'll learn to read eventually 🤖


WrongJ0n t1_jbochw9 wrote

Yes. The US never purposefully dropped a missile on its own people in the US


The__Showoff t1_jbp5o1u wrote

But they did drop bombs, on purpose.


WrongJ0n t1_jbp67bf wrote

Not the US government. That was done by local PD not federal officials


The__Showoff t1_jc5jw0n wrote

For one, nobody mentioned whether or not it was the federal government. They mentioned the US in general and the US has bombed its own people. Whether or not it was the federal, state, or local authorities doing it.


grapedungeon95 t1_jbng768 wrote

Not sure it's mentioned in the documentary but the neighborhood is the neighborhood of a city councilperson who was and remains an advocate for defending the police.

It's an important angle to the insane maliciousnes of this maneuver.

Edit: Defunding* thank you commentor


Darwins_Dog t1_jbo1l9x wrote

Defending or defunding?


superdude4agze t1_jboo42q wrote


Big difference in that little typo.

So take a councilman that is gung-ho about defund the police, was instrumental to cutting the LAPD budget by $150M, and then the (as is typical) lies from the LAPD about how they exploded the fireworks in the neighborhood "because they were too volatile" to take elsewhere (while ignoring that the cop that loaded the truck did so with bare hands and not wearing a bomb suit) and you can see there might be a malicious purpose to the organized crime/protection racket that is the LAPD.


MacDerfus t1_jboleko wrote

This typo is the difference between being funny or sad


now_you_see t1_jbog9t4 wrote

This article talks about them a deciding (and then backtracking once chewed out) they weren’t going to continue paying for the hotels for the residences who’d been made homeless by their actions and the way he spoke about them was….well, he certainly wouldn’t have spoken about millionaires that way.

I assume you’re talking about the same person?


MGPS t1_jbml0ll wrote

That shit was nuts. I was like 2 miles away and felt it in my chest.


Johndough99999 t1_jbmohf2 wrote

Didnt they charge the owner of the fireworks a ton of money for the destruction of property i.e. the bomb disposal truck?

Never did hear the result, Im sure the lawyers had something to say about shelf stable fireworks being detonated all at once in a confined space creating a bomb.


turnpot t1_jbphht8 wrote

This is a fun little legal maneuver. Equivalent to confiscating gasoline sold without a permit, pouring it on a building, and then charging the bootleg gas station for damages done when the building catches fire


JarredSquints t1_jbng5l6 wrote

As a fireworks display operator this is so fascinating to me. They should have consulted an experienced fireworks professional for the large coke bottle sized devices. Everything else could have been driven elsewhere without HazMat permits.

The resident who stored the product is a jerk to his neighborhood in all ways. But even he could have been asked what those canister shells did.


Apotropaic_Sphinx t1_jbpq5kt wrote

Yeah but why consult experts when you have a totally sweet bomb disposal truck? Dale said it looks like it can handle it, so we’re all good.


Bdsman64 t1_jbq2tjt wrote

As a layman, what would have happened if they'd soaked those devices in water, and driven them out to the desert for later burning?


Poiuytrewq0987650987 t1_jbq4ry8 wrote

General precaution against introducing water onto explosives comprised of unknown compounds.


JarredSquints t1_jbq99nr wrote

Way less broken windows for sure. Safest way would have been to send the up in the air. Canister shells like that are packed with power.


gleep23 t1_jc9mftg wrote

You would think when the bomb disposal truck gets called out, they call out the bomb disposal expert to evaluate and manage the situation. Nah. "Fill 'er up!"


timothy_Turtle t1_jbnovly wrote

The cop making the "haha someone's in trouuubbbllleee" face around 3:49 feels very relatable


Iwaslamp t1_jbr61gj wrote

Notable to mention, but that's actually a firefighter. I believe still technically a cop since they're part of LAFD's arson division.

Fun fact, some cities bomb squad's are actually a part of the fire department. It's an odd field cause their jurisdiction is all their own really. It normally comes down to who gets assigned the budget for it.


fx2566fbl t1_jbnbbru wrote

I think that the containment cell failing caused a bigger explosion than if they were to light it on fire in the open


coldasthegrave t1_jbp13s3 wrote

Or hosed them all down in the driveway. But no, they wanted a big spectacle to show everyone how great they are and boy they got one.


Bdsman64 t1_jbq4jfo wrote

I feel sorry for the people in the neighborhood, but it was so satisfying seeing them shred their big fancy rig through their own arrogance and incompetence.


gleep23 t1_jc9m47v wrote

Except its the peoples money that pays for their mistakes.


kcreaky t1_jbmse13 wrote

Yeah let’s not only create but detonate an ied in a suburban neighborhood


Emberlung t1_jbo3h39 wrote

When your police force is actual terrorists and gets away with it scott-free


kcreaky t1_jboe5yz wrote

when calculating blasts p for plenty


fossilnews t1_jbmswnj wrote

We do not live close to this - at all - and a bunch of neighbors came outside thinking it might have been an earthquake.


EthosPathosLegos t1_jboeruz wrote

That anchor man was awesome. Kept putting the pressure on HIS OWN COWORKERS to not just take the cop's side of the story as gospel.


speakhyroglyphically t1_jbmwocl wrote

It seems to me that the vehicle was not designed for purposeful detonation but just for safely transporting a dangerous device away from a populated area.


Jeep_Stuff t1_jbmys60 wrote

It was designed to handle up to about 25 pounds of explosives according to the doc. They put 45 pounds in it and it did not contain the explosion.


jeffersonairmattress t1_jbn7roy wrote

I thought these carriers were basically a funnel that directed blasts straight up. But they mention “close the hatch;” I wonder if they amplified the destruction by using the giant pressure vessel they created.

Nobody asked “25 pounds of what?”

25 pounds of black powder is different from 25 pounds of TNT which itself pales in comparison to C4. These jackasses glanced at some box labels, figured everything was as powder-dense as ladyfingers and ALSO went way over design capacity for THAT assumption; idiot arrogance likely causing some senior nitwit to assume “these things are always over-designed because they think we’re idiots- let’s prove what this baby can really handle.”


WatchDogx t1_jbo5pff wrote

Black powder is about 55% the power of TNT, C4 about 134% the power of TNT.

TNT and C4 have much higher velocities, but black powder actually has a higher density than either of them.


zendick1 t1_jboh4t4 wrote

25lbs of TNT or equivilent that is how explosives are measured.

So say for C4 it would be rated for 18.51lbs. For BP it for be ~45.45lbs which they probably assumed since that is what they loaded. The 25 LBS is the rated MAX (though it probably has some designed in overages. But it wasn't BP and they didn't add in the detcord and other triggering explosives.


KamovInOnUp t1_jbn6uj5 wrote

I'm fairly certain that's what all of these vehicles are designed for. There's no reason to blast something in a closed vessel on-site if we know it can be safely transported


gleep23 t1_jbn9dst wrote

The products are safely stored in packaging and wrapped up. They are moving them around on forklifts. It should have been transported to a safe disposal location.


BoredCop t1_jbngd4b wrote

They are designed to allow safe blasting on site, if the materials would not be safe to transport. Or, to allow safe transport of otherwise unsafe materials.

But yes, if the fireworks were known safe then transporting tem would be the best option. And if they were not known safe, then controlled detonation in smaller amounts per blast would have been perfect. Just filling it up until there wasn't room for more was the moronic part.


Diggitalis t1_jboj6wv wrote

That reporter at about 9 minutes sounds more like a LAPD PR-response employee than any kind of actual news reporter.

Disgusting. She's clearly more interested in protecting the cops' image than reporting the news. I bet her husband is a cop.


turnpot t1_jbpiw5y wrote

There is a feedback cycle between news and police; the police provide a statement on things that the news accepts uncritically, both because it's less resources than doing actual journalism on every story and because, in exchange for portraying police sympathetically, journalists get more access to information from them. Granted, most of this info is just more PR stuff.


Dzotshen t1_jbmp5rq wrote

Aww lawd je zuzz aww nooo reekus lawd Jesus ...

That was awesome!


[deleted] t1_jbndnhw wrote

Why did they do it in your neighbourhood? Because they sure didn’t want to do it in their neighbourhood.

I mean if the containment vessel was so safe they should have been able to transport it in the vessel….. to somewhere safer to safely detonate it. So Obviously even they don’t feel the vessel is safe.

Certainly could have done smaller batches as well.

What fools.


noyoto t1_jbnyzfb wrote

I think that's overcomplicating it. A regular person would generally assume a fancy bomb disposal truck like that would easily be able to handle 'a bunch of fireworks'. I reckon these officers had the same mindset, even though they're supposed to know what they're doing.

It's not obvious they didn't transport it because they thought it was unsafe to do so. The more obvious explanation is that they thought it'd be harmless, which is why they also endangered themselves along with everyone else.


superdude4agze t1_jbopz67 wrote

> It's not obvious they didn't transport it because they thought it was unsafe to do so. The more obvious explanation is that they thought it'd be harmless, which is why they also endangered themselves along with everyone else.

Not that any of the LAPD's lies make sense, but "it was unsafe to transport" was the reason they gave for blowing it up in the neighborhood.

Of course it's somehow "unsafe to transport" while being perfectly safe for an unarmored officer to toss it into the truck bare handed.


colin8651 t1_jbnyrq6 wrote

I love the officers with the Arson investigation jackets on.

“This might not be the bomb disposal officer’s royally fucking up. We might need to look into a sinister act here even though every first responder for a square mile and 911 operators would have know in advance what was going to happen at that exact time when the countdown hit zero.

I have been in arson investigation for 20 years, something else is going on here, I can just feel it in my bones.”


Anotherdmbgayguy t1_jbpt9i4 wrote

To be fair, I think everyone within a dozen miles felt that one in their bones.


Sorasyn t1_jbpcp7i wrote

The LAPD are so laughably incompetent.

“Let’s detonate explosives in a sealed container in the middle of the residential neighborhood.”


navigationallyaided t1_jbpjzoc wrote

The LAPD is an incompetent, taxpayer funded gang, what’s new?


IonOtter t1_jbnkn1w wrote

Holy crap, I know those fireworks! Those are "Profi" fireworks, and they're frickin AWESOME!!!

They're also quite terrifying.


Tbagjimmy t1_jbnx843 wrote

Don't want to diminish what the people who worked on this did but is editing newsclips with zero narration really a documentary?


noyoto t1_jbnzb25 wrote

I think it suffices. It'd be silly to disqualify it as it is now, but to consider it a documentary if a narrator mentioned some blatantly obvious things throughout the footage.

Granted they could have just called it 'news footage montage' and it'd be a clearer description (but less impressive).


Tbagjimmy t1_jbnzh6y wrote

True, they still are telling a story.

I guess I'm the one who is out of touch. 😞


ecodemo t1_jbolr6k wrote

You have to go watch Man with a Movie Camera.

Greatest documentary ever, described by its director as

>AN EXPERIMENTATION IN THE CINEMATIC COMMUNICATION Of visual phenomena WITHOUT THE USE OF INTERTITLES (a film without intertitles) WITHOUT THE HELP OF A SCENARIO (a film without a scenario) WITHOUT THE HELP OF THEATRE (a film without actors, without sets, etc.) This new experimentation work by Kino-Eye is directed towards the creation of an authentically international absolute language of cinema on the basis of its complete separation from the language of theatre and literature.

Remastered on yt


iameatingoatmeal t1_jbo0ygo wrote

Laughs in Philadelphian. Look up the move bombing.


jinladen040 t1_jboen2l wrote

LAPD, enuff said.

One of those most incompetent and corrupt police organizations in the US.


MikeWaz0wski t1_jbpoe3j wrote

Have some respect, the Top Men of the LAPD put in alot of effort to incorrectly utilize their multimillion dollar taxpayer funded EOD vehicle and then call in every news agency in town before they blew that neighborhood up


feochampas t1_jbnzejb wrote

if watching the US Chemical Safety Board accident reports on YouTube has taught me anything, it's that there isnt a recognized method of safely disposing of excess fireworks.

I look forward to the report in a couple of years.


Busterlimes t1_jboqwb6 wrote

Sooo, qualified immunity?


genius_retard t1_jbpbzht wrote

God I hope not. These fuckwits were specifically trained on what to do and what not to do and presumably the outcome doing it wrong.


reformedjerkoff t1_jbozutr wrote

Love the peppy music running in the background


EchoTrucha t1_jbo99wp wrote

Not to diminish fault from lapd, but what happens to the person who purchased that amount and had it in their house/garage, anyone know? Libel for anything?


Bdsman64 t1_jbq8ffa wrote

They said he got 6 months in prison and 2 years probation.