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KamovInOnUp t1_jbn6uj5 wrote

I'm fairly certain that's what all of these vehicles are designed for. There's no reason to blast something in a closed vessel on-site if we know it can be safely transported


gleep23 t1_jbn9dst wrote

The products are safely stored in packaging and wrapped up. They are moving them around on forklifts. It should have been transported to a safe disposal location.


BoredCop t1_jbngd4b wrote

They are designed to allow safe blasting on site, if the materials would not be safe to transport. Or, to allow safe transport of otherwise unsafe materials.

But yes, if the fireworks were known safe then transporting tem would be the best option. And if they were not known safe, then controlled detonation in smaller amounts per blast would have been perfect. Just filling it up until there wasn't room for more was the moronic part.