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nonsense39 t1_isvyb5u wrote

Every one of Werner Herzog's films is unique and there are some great interviews with him on YouTube.


kevlar51 t1_isw18oe wrote

My favorite is when he gets shot during an interview after saying no one enjoys his films.


jesusismagic t1_isw5v22 wrote

“It was an insignificant bullet.”


smurb15 t1_iswoftk wrote

Took it better than I probably would have


paradisepunchbowl t1_isy6wz5 wrote

Actually seems reasonable considering he got hit by an air rifle pellet. Still dangerous and potentially deadly but nowhere near the stopping power of a bullet.


DonArgueWithMe t1_isyv1h4 wrote

He was spurting blood while showing it off, so I'd still say he took it well


wavy-seals t1_isywybj wrote

That’s not what “spurting” blood looks like. That was just a couple drops when he put pressure on and around the wound.


DonArgueWithMe t1_isz3ba8 wrote

It's not arterial gushing, but it definitely squirted out. I'm not 100% up to date on my blood volume pedantry but it seemed like a "spurt" to me


Aoloach t1_it0rlra wrote

A pedantic argument about GSW blood flow semantics is a real Reddit moment


paradisepunchbowl t1_isz1zrm wrote

“Spurting” is not what was happening in that video. Oozing maybe. But yes he took it well which is why I said that his response was reasonable.


Seaki09 t1_iswfgj6 wrote

I shouldn't laugh at somebody getting shot but goddamn that timing


tabac-en-paris t1_isxprrb wrote

I see everyone leaves out the crucial part… it was an air rifle.


Matyb03 t1_isvrbbl wrote

Also consider watching “fires of Kuwait” if you were interested in the topic. An interesting take on how different fire services approach a problem


lbsdcu t1_isxgogm wrote

I saw this on IMAX at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum way back when. Phenomenal


bike_fool t1_isyt9ub wrote

I saw this on a field trip and it deeply unsettled me. Here was a hellscape beyond my comprehension projected in IMAX right before my eyes. I think we all sat there mouths agape trying to process it


jesusismagic t1_isw6byu wrote

I love Werner Herzog’s work! Especially “The Enigma of Caspar Hauser” and “Fitzcarraldo.” His documentary of the girl who fell out of a airplane into the Peruvian jungle is awesome as well. Most of his movies are as fascinating to watch on DVD with the “Director’s commentary” soundtrack turned on as they are with the “normal” soundtrack. His voice is almost hypnotic.


eviL2core t1_iswfvns wrote

There is definitely something about his voice! Hypnotic, like you said. Somehow soothing and stilted, unintentionally quirky… Once you’ve heard it, you can’t unhear it. It is a feast for the ears! I love it.


guaita t1_isxi7xo wrote

'Julianes Sturz in den dschungel'

Completely agree with you! xD I also enjoyed a lot 'Little Dieter Needs to Fly' (not so much the movie).

Not from Herzog I will recommend Deep Water (2006)


jesusismagic t1_isxn7g6 wrote

“Little Dieter Learns to Fly” was good too. One thing that bothers me about Herzog is his practice of (I think this is how he put it in an interview), “Lying to tell a bigger truth.” For example, in “Little Dieter,” he shows Dieter checking doors by opening and shutting them multiple times. In the commentary track, he said Dieter didn’t really do that in real life, but he added it to show how he had to remind himself that he was not captive. I think that was not necessary; any intelligent person could see that he was affected in many ways without this made-up detail. Another documentary (I think he one about blind people) starts with a fake quote from Pascal (made up by Herzog). Again, I don’t think that was necessary.


000111001101 t1_isy0hyc wrote

Herzog calls it 'ecstatic truth', and it is an artistic device, if you will. He wrote a whole manifesto on the concept, it is worth checking out. I personally love him for this - don't see him as a documentarian, looking for facts, but a composer who bends reality to serve a larger narrative. This is how I understand Herzog's storytelling method.

Seen in this light, various creation myths in many ways hold more meaning than our modern notion of the Big Bang. There is little drama in the Big Bang, no narrative, and thus it becomes a cold, dead concept we are unable to grasp with our feelings and senses. A giant had a fight and died, thus creating mountains? That makes total sense to me, if you see what I mean. Herzog doesn't deny the Big Bang, and neither do I, meaning is merely to be found beyond the looking glass.


jesusismagic t1_it0vrt5 wrote

I guess that is a valid viewpoint, if you are comfortable with it. I just think there’s enough bullshit flying around for anyone to feel the need to go out of their way to creat more. That said, I was only talking about his documentaries. Obviously, “Kaspar Hauser” is a factionalized retelling of a true story and doesn’t claim to be otherwise. I don’t have a problem with that at all. But when I watch a documentary I want to learn new things and these “ecstatic truth” landmines are an obstacle. None of this detracts from my admiration for his work, however. The saga of the making of “Fitzcarraldo” is fascinating. “Heart of Glass” is pretty great too.


zhivago6 t1_isvm2s1 wrote

It doesn't really have a narrative I would not say, more like a theme. Great visuals, but it doesn't seem to go anywhere.


DylanHate t1_isvt0jc wrote

Welcome to Werner Herzog films lol.


LonnieJaw748 t1_isvuy8p wrote

Very beautiful. Very powerful.


DylanHate t1_isvvezb wrote

Personally I love his films, but he has a very different style than typical documentarians. If you aren’t familiar with his work I can see how one can come away a little confused.


LonnieJaw748 t1_isvvls5 wrote

I really liked the one about how volcanos have influenced human culture.


MillwrightTight t1_iswaru3 wrote

Into the Inferno! That's one of my favourite movies ever.

The North Korea stuff in there is a wild touch


dethb0y t1_iswkwl6 wrote

I remember this happening when i was a kid and being absolutely floored by the pictures and news footage. Looked absolutely surreal.


guaita t1_isxk0rz wrote

The last time I saw it I appreciated much more how meritorious were some smooth helicopter travellings on this film before the drone era.


[deleted] t1_isw9sx7 wrote



GunPoison t1_isxalnp wrote

It's the absolute best place for really old B-movies (including Japanese monster films) and christian propaganda films.

I'm not knocking it, I freaking love shitty old scifi movies.


_volkerball_ OP t1_isx1h2g wrote

Never heard of it before today but I was really impressed.


brettmgreene t1_isxwfmo wrote

Tubi is terrific! Great catalogue and the best selection of old classics, serials, B movies, weird tv specials and documentaries and it's free. Even if you don't like 90% of what's on offer, it's still free - and the ads aren't obnoxious, surprisingly.


moleculewerks t1_isz851t wrote

My favorite part of the film is the quote attributed to Blaise Pascal shown at the beginning of the film, “The collapse of the stellar universe will end like creation: in grandiose splendor.”

Werner Herzog made it up.


boywonder5691 t1_isxj5wq wrote

I saw this on the big screen when it was first released. It is utterly mind blowing.


No-Seesaw4858 t1_isx64t0 wrote

That table of torture implements and the mother's "testimony"... This is one I will be digesting in pieces.


KillerBees16 t1_isxxlq0 wrote

This was absolutely gorgeous and tragic, I'm glad that I watched it but why did they reignite the flames? Actual madness?


_volkerball_ OP t1_isy4s15 wrote

I think it's because they wanted the oil to burn up instead of pool up everywhere for clean up purposes but I can't remember. "Fires of Kuwait" is a documentary about the cleanup that goes into all the nuts and bolts of it.


KillerBees16 t1_isy5cv2 wrote

I figured it must be something like that. Thank you I'll definitely check that doc out


guaita t1_iszf8sr wrote

BTW! Somebody knows of any edited soundtrack?? Looked for it several times but never could find any...


Sydardta t1_it09qfi wrote

The US Military-Industrial Complex funded and approved and armed that invasion...