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Easih t1_ixzopx3 wrote

Selling share you dont own is done by essentially borrowing share to sell and then buying back at lower price; its not magic.


Rotterdam4119 t1_ixzpvvq wrote

It’s pretty simply really.

You and I can agree that I will sell you a share of Apple stock in 3 weeks for ‘x’ dollars per share. I’ve now “sold short” 1 apple share.


F1secretsauce t1_ixzwh3w wrote

Borrow and sell. It looks crazy cuz it is. There are only 6000 companies on the nyse. So if he is shorting every company then he is still short more shares then exist in the whole nyse and that’s just one hedge fund in 2021. But the game is called short and distort right? So who do they hate? They fucked up and shorted the wrong companies. Like GameStop for example they are short for a decade at 2.00 and now the price is over 100. For 2 years. (Post 4 for 1 spit price it’s actually 25. And they borrowed and sold at .50 post spit price) and they need to buy billions when only 304 million real shares exist. So now they are failing to buy the shares they sold and committing crime daily to stay alive one more day. Basically The whole too big to fail crowd is over leveraged and shitting their pants rn because GameStop just built an online market place for gaming where u can sell in game items to other gamers for real money. Or sell used online games to other gamers when u are done with it. You can even sell ur own music or buy indy music on there and play it with ur GameStop wallet or transfer it to ur phone or whatever