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alabasterwilliams t1_j3zi046 wrote

The best part is they knew about sleeping in tents, and some were miffed that they had tents to sleep in.

Like, I understand they were billed as luxury tents, but…a tent is a tent is a tent.


Jpark2485 t1_j3zya07 wrote

But… according to most documentary evidence, tents, luxury or not, were not all set up and created a free for all in securing your domicile. That’s the whole point of how fucked up things became. Lord of the flies type shit.


Caveman108 t1_j442u37 wrote

I’ve done glamping at a music fest before and those tents get pretty fancy. Most are very spacious geodesic domes, have very comfortable beds, chargers, side tables, and usually are in a separate area with premium food and drink vendors.