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Spyes23 t1_j3zzg6u wrote

I think it's bullshit that Ja Rule got off without even a slap on the wrist.


Android-Zero t1_j41bg9j wrote

He was a 'victim'.....

I'm just kidding he has money and lawyers, don't be naive...

*I'm speaking generally, not directly to the above comment.


Spyes23 t1_j41umtf wrote

I'm not though? I didn't say "I don't understand why", I just think it's bullshit. I know how things work, it still upsets me.


Android-Zero t1_j43ryab wrote

Yeah, that came out wrong. My apologies. He seriously lawyered up though and claimed he was scammed, while being well documented of indulging with the dickbag promoter and reaping benefits of a vacation.