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danderskoff t1_j4jisth wrote


ramriot t1_j4jkwt9 wrote

That scenario sounds pretty preposterous. Remember this was a remote secure compound. Where one key feature of their security is the air-gapped network.

Does it sound at all possible for someone to first wander onto the Natanz facility, second drop things around people's cars, & then third have those people with access to the centrifuge hall & who know how important the sanctity of the internal network is to just insert a random thumb drive?

That said it was likely a usb drive, but one designed to pass stringent inspection that came from a trusted source & was needed to update internal software.


danderskoff t1_j4kocjk wrote

Anything is possible with 3-letter USA agencies. Also, people are pretty stupid sometimes with USB drives. Sometimes they dont understand that you can compromise a system by doing that and I know theres more to the story than just dumping random USB drives. We talked about this in college but that's really the only points I remember