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osooop t1_j6r75kd wrote

Normal America moment


I663rs t1_j6rh6m2 wrote

Europe, Asia, and Africa of course being bastions of peace and fair treatment of your fellow man.


rvatogmu t1_j6rll24 wrote

Illegal war, lies, deceit and torture. Ohhh yea freedom lmao


101m4n t1_j6s6u5w wrote

Freedom for me but not for thee


I663rs t1_j6rn3s3 wrote

All of that being exclusive to America.


TransmutedHydrogen t1_j6s0cng wrote

Perhaps not, but number one for per capita incarceration. Runners up include china and Russia.


I663rs t1_j6s16ei wrote

Maybe they should behave better.


TransmutedHydrogen t1_j6sghzq wrote

Or everyone can be shot? I bet that would cut down on recidivism

Sometimes north korean problems require north korean solutions



BabyGravy97 t1_j6sqvlb wrote

Just say you like to lick boots and move on bro


I663rs t1_j6syl8r wrote

Pfizer boots don't count though right?


BabyGravy97 t1_j6t2ns5 wrote

No one said anything about vaccines you stupid fuck 😂


jtablerd t1_j6to2pf wrote

You're not a smart fella are ya?
You don't have to bother to answer, dunce ass fuckwad... It'll do you no good.
Have a shitty day, pal.


rdditfilter t1_j6uqb2g wrote

Its always so wild to me when anyone talks about how underfunded the military is. The complaint is always, we're spending so much money on the military, we have none for social services.

Then I realize, well where's all the money going? Taxes -> Government -> Military -> Pockets of those rich dudes who make giant war machines.

Just like the hospitals Taxes -> Government -> Hospitals -> Pockets of those rich dudes who own the hospitals.

Like this entire fucking system is designed to funnel money from everyone into the hands of the few. We've come full circle right back around to feudalism.


biznessman68 t1_j6tvcw1 wrote

I came here for comments about "Lucifer Effect by Dr.Philip Zimbardo. In his book he goes into great detail about attrocities done in the prison and also systematic evils that came into play. No metions about this. None. Shame...


Sbee27 t1_j6vd2sl wrote

Read that book a few years ago, definitely recommend. His TED talks are a good entry into his writings.


NewDad907 t1_j6u4n36 wrote

If people are interested in Abu Ghraib, the book “Monstering” is worth a read.


Nice_guy53 t1_j6s5umf wrote

Previous comment got deleted. So let’s try again. Karma is coming.


Albertlongbow t1_j6sary3 wrote

Like the soldier says. Don't judge unless you walked in his/her shoes.


DontToewsMeBro2 t1_j6teqxf wrote

That doesn’t mean anything, in any way shape, or form. There is right, and there is wrong. You don’t need god to tell you that, but you might need the delusion that one exists to justify what you did to another conscious being (in your own brain, you may be able to trick yourself of this using therapy & drugs).

The only way I’d be able to justify it is that I was tricked, I was duped. No other way around it, that’s a fucking brick wall.


Albertlongbow t1_j70jkhg wrote

Yes it does. It means you've not been there.


DontToewsMeBro2 t1_j70tnds wrote

forced to fight or paid to fight? if you accepted dollars or money to fight, i got some fucking really bad news for you


rdditfilter t1_j6uscjy wrote

Okay so, the context you're missing in your post is that soldiers literally go through basic to break down their own decision making process, and then they're put into situations to further break it down.

You're a soldier, you don't think, you don't ask questions, you do what you're told and you stay alive. You start being an independent free spirit, you die.


Nice_guy53 t1_j6rihet wrote

I really hope China whups America’s ass. Thucydides law states that one super power cannot supplant another one without war so hopefully it’s coming. Payback is a b*tch as they say.


Yourownpieceofmind t1_j6roi3u wrote

And I hope you meet what's coming for you, but guess what, we don't always get what we want. So stop hoping for war you sick freak.


sleadbetterzz t1_j6rl7ym wrote

Yeh, I'd much rather I was in a Chinese concentration camp with the Uyghurs than an American one with Iraqis.


CILISI_SMITH t1_j6rrgzb wrote

China have to be the good guys if the US are the bad guys.

If you try to make me consider that life has any more complexity or nuance I'm going to label you as a bad guy so I can ignore you.


normallypissedoff t1_j6s50ee wrote

You’d rather have your internal organs stolen?


Koboldsftw t1_j6sh1jk wrote

The Falun Gong, a very trustworthy source with other hits like the Epoch Times


normallypissedoff t1_j725q4i wrote

I can’t skip fast enough when those epoch commercial come on. The stealing of organs has been reported on by quite a few… it’s not quite the same as Jewish space lasers.


voidone t1_j6rwmxb wrote

The fuck is wrong with you?

If you think China is somehow behaves better than the US, I've got news for you.

Literally one of the worst choices you could make for your "good guy". Not to mention, China doesn't want war and if you think any conflict is really likely, you don't pay attention.


ImaginaryAI t1_j6sacbs wrote

China will never win a war against the US LOL.

Literally generations and billions of dollars ahead of them military wise. China would get fucked, that’s why they stick with economic proxy wars


shayanzafar t1_j6sct6b wrote

i mean you'd need a lot of concentration camps to beat China. the population is massive at home and abroad you'd need to essentially commit war crimes on a never before seen scale if they fight to the last man. it'll make WW2 look like a walk in the park


eberkain t1_j6tghz6 wrote

US spends more money on its war machine than then next 20 Countries combined, a open war with the US would be devastating to china and they know it.


thegreatvortigaunt t1_j6s17qg wrote

The problem is that the two options for dominant superpower are the US and China, they’re both awful. The world is fucked when China goes for the #1 spot, the Americans will not handle it well.


MazMazda3 t1_j6ryvg5 wrote

Well both China and US are horrible. China, Infact, has been learning from the States.


massawedge t1_j6sdfa2 wrote

Unfortunately, China’s leadership has the ability to plan for decades of action, while the US is stuck squabbling amongst itself every 4 years. US is so stuck on woke issues, while China silences and standardizes what it’s citizens are going to do.


The_Magic_Tortoise t1_j6tq04p wrote

Yes, Chinese bery mysterious and inscrutable, bery strategic and good at math.

(twirls fu-manchu moustache)