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MrAcurite t1_j876ld0 wrote

Your mom is vacuous and stupid. Autism isn't a disease, it's just that normal people are dicks and can't handle our appreciation for subject matter expertise, our ability to actually listen to the words people say, or our enormous dicks. For evidence regarding that last one, well, as your vacuous and stupid mom.


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MC_Pterodactyl t1_j87ex92 wrote

I have a longer response, but autism is medically not a disease. At all. It is a disorder. Which as an ADHD adult, a sister diagnosis of neurodivergence, I still think disorder is a shit term for it.

I don’t feel disordered. I feel passionate, clear and empathetic. I have all the typical qualifiers of a stable and successful life, and then my hyper fixations and highly specific hobbies I have invested into deeply.

Neurotypical people often come off as disordered, with some really bizarre priorities that seem to really hurt them badly on a daily basis. Which is one qualification of having a disorder. It’s an unfair moniker in many ways, as most of the tension between neurotypicals and neurodiverse individuals is in each group missing the cues and information given by the other, yet one group gets to assert dominance over the other with labels.

Again, however, not a disease. Disorder is even in the name, it’s what the D is ASD stands for.


hlessi_newt t1_j87celk wrote

can you even read? start again from the top and go slowly. its only couple of sentences.


JackRusselTerrorist t1_j88o8s3 wrote

Yes, we should definitely celebrate a condition leaves people incapable of speaking, that causes suffering when the individual is exposed to things like, checks notes sights and sounds.