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SteveBored t1_j87m3kw wrote


Tigen13 t1_j88u91d wrote

You didnt need a tone of brains to hunt and farm. Especially working as a group. That is most if human history. Diagnosing autism would have served no purpose in 99% of human history.


thegodfather0504 t1_j89rmnt wrote

So why is it such a big deal now? Why can't people collectively just accept weirdness as a character trait or something and move on? you know, like the old times.

Perhaps it's the rising standards along with education. Being literate isn't enough anymore?


vilebubbles t1_j8ac9ky wrote

A lot of autistic people cannot speak, need aac or other help communicating, need help with nutrition as they will not eat, have self injurious behaviors. Everyone only seems to think about the “good kind of autism” in these comments.


Tigen13 t1_j8ehid2 wrote

Education requirements and specialization of trade. It just makes life more complicated and therefore much more difficult for those with severe limitations.


thegodfather0504 t1_j8feaf9 wrote

But autistics can excel in both of those! It's the social behaviour requirements. All of a sudden, "charisma" is being preferred over everything.


Tigen13 t1_j8fooct wrote

Can excel but usually don't. Additionally, being extremely poor in one important area can cancel out benefits on other gifted areas.

Then add in the financial means and nurture of the parents. It's an uphill battle.


Deadfishfarm t1_j89xehu wrote

Wrong. Relationships were more important for survival back then. A person that can't form close relationships among the group is a liability


MehtefaS t1_j8a1ywy wrote

Lol as if people with autism can't form close relationships


Tigen13 t1_j8eh9pq wrote

Apparently not...... I am interested to learn more about what they did with autistic people since apparently nobody cared about them.


MehtefaS t1_j8a1um1 wrote

Back in the day your whole future was pretty planned ahead for you, by your family. There was a ton of routine and the social hierarchy was a lot easier to read, ie, the Royalty was on top and the handicapped peasants at the bottom. Even in our parents and grandparents time, a lot was set in stone for your future. Farmer's son? Raised to take over the farm. It was a lot easier to blend in, and even if you stood out, you would just be the odd weirdo that wouldn't hurt a fly