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Encripture t1_j8yf2tn wrote

This is directed by Amy Berg, who also made the excellent Deliver Us From Evil about a predatory pedophile Catholic priest.

As good as these films are, however, I can't help but gripe that they are more concerned with being good, dramatic movies than with really articulating the very methodical processes by which these predators set up and operate a conveyor belt of abuse that can run for years and years.

The Surviving R. Kelly series is a valuable addition on the subject and, I think, a longer, deeper look at how routines of outrageous abuse can be constructed, even without the advantages of a pre-existing bureaucratic, organizational structures like a movie studio or a church.


Malt___Disney t1_j8yw4oj wrote

Deliver Us From Evil is an unforgettable film. For a bit more of the systemic insight I feel like Spotlight did a decent job at scratching that itch.


can-it-getbetter t1_j909sil wrote

The movie Spotlight fucked me up. I knew what it was about, and thought I knew the history. But then they post the story and they’re all nervous thinking their paper is going to get shut down-but they don’t. Then the calls start coming in and they’re like “oh shit here we go-“ but all the calls are from other victims saying that it happened to them too… And no one cared. I can never stop thinking about that ending.


jaffacake00 t1_j904nc1 wrote

I think Leaving Neverland was a great example of pacing and structuring a story to show how children and even whole families can be slowly groomed using money, fame, guilt, naivety etc until anyone can start questioning themselves and acting against their own best interests.

Edit: doco title


TheGuv69 t1_j90hqrb wrote

And yet so so many are in denial about him.....


butt_dance t1_j90qp0j wrote

Like a ton of people on Reddit….”he was found not guilty!”. Like, so fucking what? Just because something couldn’t be proved beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. This is especially true in child sexual abuse cases, where’s it’s notoriously difficult to get convictions. I feel so bad for these men, whom people are saying lied for money. It’s very courageous of them to speak their truth in the face of that shit. We need a #MeToo movement more specifically centered on victims of childhood sexual abuse. Too many people still don’t believe children, and too many sexual abusers are still able to use that to get away with it. “He’s/she’s a kid- they make stuff up a lot.”


416warlok t1_j915vcc wrote

I mentioned Leaving Neverland in an askreddit thread last week. First of all, anyone who thinks a very powerful and wealthy celebrity in his mid forties (and before) actually saught out young boys to share his bed with "bEaUcauSE He dIDn'T hAvE A ChILDhooD!" need to pull thier head out of thier ass. I don't give a fuck if he was found not guilty in court, as the rich elite often get away with thier crimes.

Some other redditor was downvoting me and arguing on MJ's behalf, and when I looked at her post history, it was literally all posts on MJ related subreddits and arguing his innocence. Like a literal pro Michael shill account basically. Wild stuff.


FlutterGoddess t1_j917dz4 wrote

People defending MJ cuz he is just an abused kid himself cuz he didn’t have a childhood. Well MJ didn’t have a problem negotiating a bad ass record deal or befriending Paul McCartney then buying the rights to the Beatles music portfolio. Or how about the 1st time you cashed someone out for being too friendly with their child, don’t you think you’d never be alone again without a parent present?


Razakel t1_j91dfl1 wrote

People's eyes were blinded because MJ was one of the biggest pop stars in the world.

I think he was a paedophile, in the very literal sense - he loved children, and certainly behaved inappropriately around them. But I'm not convinced he raped any.


lovekillseveryone t1_j91wzdt wrote

I defend Michael because if you put the work in and do the research. you find that none of it makes sense. Also, the people that actually knew michael, family, friends, and business associates, pretty much everyone....not one person thinks he was guilty? How does that happen ?


JamaicaNoFap t1_j92jsfz wrote

That’s absolutely untrue. Many people who were close with him believe he did it. His own mother knew back in the early 80s. His sister Latoya came out and accused him in the 90s and was vilified for it. The court documents listing what was found in Neverland is enough evidence to prove he had sexual interest in young people and had many many grooming materials at hand as well as stained children’s underwear and bloodstained sheets. Face facts


lovekillseveryone t1_j94hcki wrote

That is all untrue and You have no facts to back any of that up.


JamaicaNoFap t1_j94hk3t wrote

You can block it out all you want but I encourage you to open your eyes. You’ve been groomed and manipulated by a masterful showman and his enormous and powerful estate


lovekillseveryone t1_j94wu47 wrote

Actually You have been groomed and manipulated to believe non facts . Please do the research you'll be surprised.


JamaicaNoFap t1_j94hrg2 wrote

I dare you to go read the evidence files from what they found at the Neverland raid. It’s disgusting.


lovekillseveryone t1_j94hqj6 wrote

Except for the Latoya thing but she has retracted that because she was part of an abusive marriage at the time and her partner ran it ...anyway you can read her book it's all there.


butt_dance t1_j94q0jw wrote

The psychology behind people going to such lengths to defend a dead celebrity they’ve never met for an issue that has exactly zero impact on their own life is very interesting. Unless it’s their own issues compelling them to do so. Which I have a feeling is often a contributing factor with stuff related to child sexual abuse. It just really opens your eyes when so many people will chose to believe and defend a dead (but still with a very powerful estate) celebrity over two men who say they were victims of this celebrity. Two men who appear to still be suffering a great deal as a result of their trauma. As a stranger to all involved in the case, what is the harm in believing them? There isn’t any. So why do so many people work so hard at not believing them? Because there is a great deal of harm in sending the message that victims of sexual abuse shouldn’t tell their story.


416warlok t1_j98fy4r wrote

And obviously documentary films, as a rule, show various biases and there have been many, many docs that play pretty hard and loose with the facts of any given subject. That being said, I don't know how anyone can sit through the testimony of the two men in Leaving Neverland, and think they are lying. Like it's so hard to watch them tearfully recount every excruciating detail of their rapes, and like wow people think they are acting? Like to what end? To achieve some sort of fame or noteriety for being rape vicitms? Pretty sick if you ask me. MJ was 100% a pedophile who used his fame, money, and power to groom and rape multiple children. Fuck him.


WildWook t1_j91rag6 wrote

Theyre concerned with being good because they want people to actually watch and discuss them. Information in its purest format is boring to most people. Better to package it in a digestible manner than to present a power point presentation.


MyPasswordIs222222 t1_j8y0nfx wrote

I am still saddened by the way Corey Feldman was treated by Barbra Walters.

Edit: Okay, I just did a deep dive into the replies to my comment. Now I don't know what to think or believe.

People suck.


[deleted] t1_j8y31co wrote



UsecMyNuts t1_j8ycj2z wrote

I can’t speak to the ‘Coreys angels’ thing but the fact that he was given the opportunity to anonymously name the people who he claims raped Corey Haim and completely dodged the journalist should tell you everything you need to know

“I know the criminals and have undeniable proof of the crime, but I won’t tell anyone”


buckyroo t1_j8z5g1l wrote

He also gave a false name which in turn forced Corey Haims mother to come out with the real name.


WNEW t1_j8zi917 wrote

He probably was abused but that Sadly doesn’t deter folks from ending up being shitheads themsevles.

Also he told me to fuck off once when i was in WeHo so he can eat shit


gnapster t1_j90k2ca wrote

Yeah he was and according to his autobiography, it’s the type of abuse that can really fuck up a kid’s personality (emotional and physical). That’s not even counting the sexual abuse in later early adult life.


kfmush t1_j8zhowc wrote

I don't know anything about the situation, but how could it be anonymous if we know he didn't say anything?


UsecMyNuts t1_j8zmwfv wrote

He was offered anonymity and a middleman in order to convey his “undeniable proof” that Corey Haim was raped but declined to do so

In August 2020, after his movie ‘The Rape Of 2 Coreys’ released, Feldman made an attempt to contact O’Neill for the same anonymity deal but apparently offered information that contradicted/lied about his documentary and so it was never followed through on.


Iampepeu t1_j90e3d7 wrote

Sounds like a certain pillow pusher.


GeoffreyArnold t1_j8yub6u wrote

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Epstein's client list is still hidden. This isn't anything new and Cory Feldman is not the most egregious example of protecting pedophiles who happen to be powerful. Two mega donors to the Democrat party from Atlanta were caught molesting and having sex with their adopted children and Reddit censored the story under the guise of "hate speech" (because the pedophiles were gay married to each other). This happens all of the time.


timshel42 t1_j8ywd71 wrote

citation needed


FSMFan_2pt0 t1_j8yzpvv wrote

Don't count on it. Notice he calls out "Democrat party". (despite there being loads of Republicans on Epstein's list, including Trump). Look at his comment history. He posts in /r/conservative and /r/conspiracy a lot. Anti-Biden comments, etc, just another right-wing conspiracy nut.


timshel42 t1_j8zl76w wrote

if only you had included a breitbart article it would have really sealed the deal


Nooddjob_ t1_j8ziesi wrote

All those sources are garbage, I don’t really believe mainstream media.


GeoffreyArnold t1_j8zpgr5 wrote

Sources? This is a fucking court case. The NY Post has the actual public documents from the case.


ZeerVreemd t1_j90qdp6 wrote

Some people do not understand the difference between a source and a medium. Somehow it are always seem to be the same people who believe all mainstream narratives, LOL.


Nooddjob_ t1_j8zuv8j wrote

NY Post is just mainstream media trash.


DukeVerde t1_j8yvbph wrote

Don't think I've heard that story yet, by any outlet...


hearke t1_j8z29vq wrote

That's cause the mainstream media are hiding it, which means you know it must be true.

Source: I don't have any sources, so it must be true


DukeVerde t1_j8zd2ag wrote

But it was on reddit, so it must have existed; once upon a time!


anyavailablebane t1_j8zdmdz wrote

this was the first thing that popped up in google. I remember reading about it recently. It wasn’t widely covered but was definitely covered in Australia where I live.


[deleted] t1_j8zb7m3 wrote



Crasz t1_j8zi2ap wrote

The 'Daily Mail'? You mean like the UK version of The National Enquirer?


Crasz t1_j8zi668 wrote

Hmm, all three of those sources are questionable though...


zedzag t1_j8zyfjw wrote

Where does it say they're mega donors of the democratic party?


Odeeum t1_j91gggi wrote

They don't. They're just regular, awful people...but he wanted desperately to associate this with Dems somehow.


AngelSucked t1_j9100uv wrote

The DM, Fox, and the NYP are yiur sources?!



UsecMyNuts t1_j8yy1yh wrote

To be honest I think there’s a huge difference between that and what Corey Feldman is doing

Feldman isn’t protecting anyone or fearing for his life, he’s outright lying that his friend (who just so happens to be dead and cannot defend himself) was brutally raped by a “Hollywood exec” and has changed his story multiple times to the point where the only person who could have possibly raped Haim or Feldman was a relative of Haims.

He’s bullshitting to make money.


GeoffreyArnold t1_j8zgo1t wrote

> Feldman isn’t protecting anyone or fearing for his life,

Wait what? You talking about the couple who raped their adopted children in Atlanta or are you talking about reddit? Or are you talking about Epstein?


UsecMyNuts t1_j8zlm06 wrote

I’m talking about Corey Feldman lying about his (dead) friend Corey Haim being raped as a child.


PretendsHesPissed t1_j8zlb2n wrote

I want in assuming you're a far right moron ... I came out realizing you're even worse than I thought.

Such a strange thing how the uneducated will do nothing to properly educate themselves yet to think they can speak with some authority.

Also, WTF is "gay married to each other"? Don't you mean butt buddies or something?


GeoffreyArnold t1_j8zp9c3 wrote

> Also, WTF is "gay married to each other"? Don't you mean butt buddies or something?

Did you read the articles? Two men. Married to each other. Large donors to the Democrat Party. Adopted children to rape and sell them to other men.


YaaBlewIt t1_j90dljg wrote

None of the three articles you linked mention the Democratic Party or donations at all. Just that they were active in the local LGBTQ community. Even so, how is their party affiliation or political ideology or sexual orientation of any relevance to their fucking evil, heinous criminal actions? i.e. raping their kids and offering them to other pedophiles to rape. I think anyone claiming those things are in any way related requires immense ignorance and/or hate. Would you mention it if a rapist was a large donor to the Republican or Green Party? Or if they were straight married?


EvilioMTE t1_j908oyq wrote

Im not quite sure why you're so hell bent on turning paedephilia and rape into a Republican/democrats issue. The world is far bigger than that.


AngelSucked t1_j910jw3 wrote

You didn't answer: how is "gay marriage" different than "marriage"?


GeoffreyArnold t1_j91mcri wrote

"gay" because it would be misleading to imply that a man and woman raped and sold their children to a pack of pedophiles. Without knowing that these are two men, you wouldn't understand why reddit would censor the story. If it were a married man and woman doing this, reddit wouldn't care that people heard about it.


AngelSucked t1_j920lx8 wrote

You didn't answer me: What is gay marriage? I can't find it in any Federal, state, or local laws or codes.


Odeeum t1_j91gwum wrote

There is zero mention of them being "mega-donors" to any party on those articles


Odeeum t1_j91g8gw wrote

The sources you posted, while objectively awful, fail to mention anything about them being "mega-donors" to the Dem party. They're pretty low level scumbags molesting their kids, which unfortunately happens.

When you embellish things with stories like this it does a disservice.


ammshrimpus t1_j91s1db wrote

The flight logs are out now. You would be surprised at who flew on Epsteins “Lolita express”. Some of the celebrities I would never have guessed but Hollywood is an interesting bunch.


GeoffreyArnold t1_j929ome wrote

But the flight logs and the client list are different things. What they are hiding is the client list. Epstein and Maxwell were charged with essentially pimping underage girls, but who did they pimp them out to? That list of clients of powerful people is a secret to this day. We know there was one member of the British Royal Family but where are the rest of the names?

The flight logs just says who was on his jet. That doesn't mean they had sex with any of the minors. What we want to see is the client list.


ammshrimpus t1_j92gdma wrote

I agree. Too many disgusting child sex offenders are being protected. They should all be prosecuted. I’m betting the reason the client list is still hidden is because there are some very influential and high powered people on it.


GeoffreyArnold t1_j92svpk wrote

That’s certainly the reason it hasn’t been released. Meanwhile, “look over there….it’s a spy balloon!”


elinordash t1_j8zz8ml wrote

I seriously recommend watching Corey's episode of Wife Swap on Hulu- it shows him with his "Angels."

I know hurt people hurt people, but Corey isn't a simple victim, he has also done things to other people.


AngelSucked t1_j90zsy1 wrote

Beat me to it. And, it was sanitized for TV. He can be both a victim and a predator, and he is definitely a predator.

I agree with other posters: he needs to expose these Hollywood pedophiles. Weinstein tanked Ashley Judd's career because she wouldn't have sex with him, and she ultimately is who exposed Weinstein.


Jlx_27 t1_j8yznht wrote

True, he is a total asswipe. Walters is (was) one too though.


Littlebotweak t1_j8zpzbk wrote

It’s kind of amazing how quick an anti Corey brigade popped up. Knowing what I know about Brock Pierce and his history of Astro turfing, welp….


[deleted] t1_j90k5lp wrote



Littlebotweak t1_j91inn9 wrote

Right, u/hillbilly-sasquatch. That’s why you replied a bunch of times as if it was your job, and clearly have a little band of accounts to follow you to do the same. That’s an awful lot of effort and it’s obvious. 😂😂😂😂

It’s as if an alert went off and you were required to be in the thread. You wrote as if you knew Feldman personally. First names from the beginning, the rest of us know him as two names. Do you have a rational explanation for why you came to a thread and started talking about Corey Feldman like someone you’ve known for years?

If you aren’t getting paid, you should try getting a life, because this is a really weird way to spend a Friday night.

You might actually watch the documentary you’re commenting on the thread for (I bet you have, any time it gets posted, astro turfers come running. Brock taught Steve bannon all about it). Brock Pierce was a Hollywood sugar baby darling for Bob Villard - a Hollywood pedo who got convicted but still sells pics he took of young boys on eBay (but you knew that). Brock was part of the pedo network “digital entertainment network” and went on to start IGE, which was an early game currency seller. Now he’s in crypto, because scammers gotta keep scamming. He fled to US to Spain for a while to evade charges just like Roman Polanski.

I know all that because of the litigation he faced when IGE was handed to Steve Bannon by Goldman Sachs after a law suit in the 2000’s. Really, I was just a gamer gawking at drama back then, but amazingly, in the years since, Brock Pierce comes up over and over again. He founded tether with his buddy from the gaming currency days (Jonathan Yantis), now he pretends he isn’t affiliated (because, obviously, tether is operating like FTX et al, it was never truly 1:1).

But, by all means. Keep pretending this is all bullshit and that deriding your old pal Corey changes any of it. Were you in the collins-rector mansion shaking it for old men with Brock back in the day? Are you also a victim of old men who likes to abuse boys? Because that’s the company Pierce keeps - old men into abusing boys, and boys to abuse.

Be brave. Come forward.


satellites-or-planes t1_j94u827 wrote

I was blown away when I saw that Brock threw his hat in the ring for President in the 2020 election...


[deleted] t1_j90jeqb wrote



jaffacake00 t1_j912ev6 wrote

I definitely don't think you've looked him up hard enough, he's a crypto billionaire.


MurderShiver13 t1_j8yoy4m wrote

Barbara Walters was a friend of Jeffrey Epstein, so it makes perfect sense to me.


PretendsHesPissed t1_j8zkxlh wrote

Oh wow. So you were friend with both of them too or what because I'm having a hard time figuring out how you "know" this.

Having your contact saving in a phone book doesn't mean shit. I've got Obama saved in my phone book ... dude doesn't when know who I am.


Dospunk t1_j901119 wrote

Found Barbara's alt account


jeffersonairmattress t1_j90div7 wrote

It’s right there in the username: pretends= babbles>> Baba/Barbara; pissed= make water>> Wawa/Walters.


MurderShiver13 t1_j909iqy wrote

>dude doesn't when know who I am

Riiiiiiiight. Nice try spook. lol


DeeDeeW1313 t1_j8zhmk6 wrote

She sucked. She said horrible things to many interviewees.


Duamerthrax t1_j8zhvtm wrote

Regardless of Feldman, you can also look up her interview with Dolly Parton to get the kind of person she is.


real_bk3k t1_j8zspqt wrote

I don't really know shit about him, but for the record: someone can be both a victim, and an asshole, at the same time.

In fact many perpetrators of abuse, were themselves abused, which is no excuse of course.

But again, I'm not talking about him specifically, because I know nothing about him. And while other comments do speak of him, it isn't good to confuse something you read in a random comment, with something you actually know as a matter of fact. Thus I still know nothing about him.


moves_likemacca t1_j91icci wrote

Exactly. My mother was victimized, and then she went on to victimize her children.

I understand why she is the way she is.

But she can't be in my life because she refuses to admit wrongdoing.


MyPasswordIs222222 t1_j8zumvj wrote

>Thus I still know nothing about him.

Yea. You're right. Way too complex to "know" anything about other people.

Edit: not sure why I'm being down-voted. He is right. Life and relationships are far too complex to truly 'know' what another person is like or going through.


Hearing_HIV t1_j8yxk9e wrote

Corey is holding his alleged list of names ransom to get a cash grab. He is a huge POS.


Jlx_27 t1_j8yzhw4 wrote

The amount of support and love for Walters in the media and on social media after she (finally) died made me sick.


BobSacamano47 t1_j909noc wrote

Wow she asked if Dilly Parton's tits were fake, what a horrible person /s


dtr_ned t1_j8ype9m wrote

crazy how hollywood, the church and the state all have very similar issues


phenomenomnom t1_j8yrlxs wrote

It's almost as if power corrupts, and people with power must be watched carefully and held to a high standard


dla3253 t1_j8yymy3 wrote

Not only can power corrupt, but more importantly, power attracts the already corrupt who want to abuse it.


Dinsdale_P t1_j8zpc3r wrote

don't forget to add this very site to the list.

they have hired an admin who was, in the most literal sense of the term, a pedophile supporter, only firing the fucker when shit hit the fan, then claimed that they forget to do proper background checking. one of the earliest powermods on the site? a well known public figure... who also happened to traffic children for sex and is now doing 20 years for it.

...and that's just scratching the surface.


PhillAholic t1_j9070je wrote

Wait what?


MadisonDissariya t1_j90ksgb wrote

Aimee Channelor and I shit you not Ghislane Maxwell herself


PhillAholic t1_j91gval wrote

Oh you’re talking about an account rumored to be Maxwell’s, not like they weee given any power because of who they are. There could be all kinds of terrible people that happen to be mods here without anyway of knowing.


Razakel t1_j91e45l wrote

Reddit hired an admin whose father went to prison for kidnapping, torturing and raping a 10-year-old. She also married a man who writes paedophilic erotica.

This was public information, she even stood for office.


BeerPoweredNonsense t1_j92n9hd wrote

It's a bit more involved than that. You can't label people guilty by association, it's a fundamental principle of free countries.

However, in this particular case this admin - Aimee Channelor - used to be a minor politician in the UK, was a candidate in an election, and hired their father as campaign manager even while he was waiting to be tried for raping a 10 year old. So at the very least this Aimee Channelor made a massive error of judgement when hiring their campaign manager. For this they were booted out of the political party.

They they joined a different UK party - but got kicked out again when it came to light that their partner was publishing paedophile erotica.

Then Reddit decided that this Aimee was just the right person to be an admin.


Razakel t1_j95m3fj wrote

>Then Reddit decided that this Aimee was just the right person to be an admin.

Not only that, they assigned her to be responsible for subreddits aimed at vulnerable young people. That's definitely the sort of thing that should require a background check.


HiImFromTheInternet_ t1_j8zwslk wrote

It’s the same people. They hang out together. They fly on planes together.

For hundreds of years the church was the state.


huxley75 t1_j8y0yks wrote

Don't know if this is the one I am thinking of but Bryan Singer is evil and needs to burn in Hell. I can't watch those X-Men movies anymore without feeling ick. Dog forbid "Apt Pupil".

Yes, separate art from artist...but Kevin Spacey, that can be hard sometimes. I can barely Marilyn Manson die Antwoord


Vaginal_Decimation t1_j8ydx6o wrote

I felt that way about those movies before I knew about Brian.


Corporation_tshirt t1_j8ye9mk wrote

I’m this close to giving up on the kid from The Flash too.


KellyJin17 t1_j91pj3i wrote

What more abuse of women or child grooming does he have to be accused of to lose you?


RhoynishPrince t1_j8zfff5 wrote

What's with die Antwoord?


NoHandBananaNo t1_j8zlcpa wrote

Abused their adopted son for years. Made his sister get naked in front of them.

Bunch of sexual assault sllegations against Ninja too including by someone who he tried to RP incest with which is skeevy given the above.


netphemera t1_j906caw wrote

I hate the whole Bryan Singer/Kevin Spacey nexus. It seems so vile.


[deleted] t1_j8ytr8s wrote



Khmer_Orange t1_j8zdt22 wrote

You know it's quite easy to not spend any money on movies (or simply rewatch an old DVD you bought 20 years ago before any of this was public knowledge)


[deleted] t1_j909xxf wrote



Khmer_Orange t1_j90em2m wrote

Say what you will about Roman Polanski, but that pedo sure knew how to make a movie


Turdmonkey2 t1_j8yn0fs wrote

Made the mistake of watching this at work and it fucked my whole day up.


timshel42 t1_j8ywl60 wrote

what kind of job do you have where you can watch a full length documentary?


AgentAdja t1_j8yx8pk wrote

Boss walks in: "Heya Turdmonkey, whatcha doin"

"Oh, watching a film about pedos"

"Cool, cool"


Turdmonkey2 t1_j8zcfzv wrote

I worked as a maintenance guy at the time, so I'd be in empty apartments and alone most of the day


DukeVerde t1_j8zebe8 wrote

ALone, in an empty apartment, watching documentaries about sex offenders... Good thing there's no neighbors. O_o


Turdmonkey2 t1_j8zej32 wrote

I had heard some personal stories about Brian Singer and when I saw he was "involved" i was curious, I didnt expect any of that though.

Also, I was in an empty apartment at the time. Doing a turn


newbytony t1_j90pcxw wrote

The business lends itself to predatory behavior. Always has. Needy talent meets people with money. Not hard to see how that’s gonna go.


longhegrindilemna t1_j91f31y wrote

Is it possible that similar to the don’t-rat-on-your-colleagues culture inside America’s police, you will be blackballed if you snitch inside Hollywood?

Maybe the good apples stay quiet because snitching on the bad apples could possibly destroy your career?


midnight_station t1_j91kura wrote

They aren't very good if they're willing to look the other way while kids are being raped.


whilst t1_j91v1gq wrote

Which, for the zillionth time, is what that idiom means.

"A few bad apples spoil the bunch". At the end of that idiom, they're all rotten.


abloobudoo009 t1_j92nmg9 wrote

Yeah, people in the industry have connections. When I first started going to Berklee one of the things that was hammered into us was that we NEVER talk bad about another artist. You "just don't do that." Then the deeper I got into some of the social circles, and brushed against some overlapping ones, I learned there's a multitude of reasons, and the biggest one is association because perception is reality.


GarrettHelmet t1_j908drc wrote

What was the doc that kinda “linked” all the pedophile rings together like Marc Dutroux from belgium and like that eastern europe politician that had that little girl taken away from her?


abdexa26 t1_j91jgdw wrote

Church, Hollywood, Sports, Army, Boys/Girls only Schools... its as if forcing absolute authority without merit causes human to turn in to vile excuse for one. Authority should never be given, it should be earned. We should teach our kids to never be obedient, but respectful, never listen to orders, but follow own sense of right and wrong.


Dumguy1214 t1_j91iuoo wrote

The expression open secret came into use in the 1820s
and is derived from the title of a Spanish play written by Calderón in
1642, El Secreto a Voces, which translates as “The Noisy Secret.”

man I said that I was a open secret years ago with no knowledge of the play


Opus58mvt3 t1_j91rzbe wrote

The thing about this documentary is it’s somewhat unwieldy and hard to follow. It veers into a confusing lull about the dot com bubble and too many important figures have almost identical sounding names.

It’s probably for these reasons that this documentary isn’t better-known, but many use it’s relative lack of success as evidence of some sort of Hollywood blackball job


ZeerVreemd t1_j90qqly wrote

I can't link it here because reddit does not like bit chute, but "out of shadows" is also a good docu about this topic.


DarkJester89 t1_j90wafm wrote

I dont know how it's a secret, everyone knows about it, people are talking about it.

No one is being punished for it. Epstein island, sex rings, harvey weinstein.

Bring back publicly demonstration of their punishment and see if it keeps happening.

The type of people exposed by this should be auto-sentenced to death.


sumguysr t1_j91t3ea wrote

You know Weinstein had a public trial and is in prison right now, right?


DarkJester89 t1_j93dc9b wrote

Yes, after decades of accusations and a lot of people didn't believe it.

His charges? forcible rape, forcible oral copulation and sexual penetration by a foreign object.

His charges and received sentence isn't bad enough to sent a message to others.


Crasz t1_j92xrvm wrote

Funny you didn't lead with that but I'm going to wait for more confirmation.


HelenEk7 t1_j9a4p4p wrote

Sadly you see the same thing happening in sports. Paedophiles becoming coaches, and so they get access too hundreds of young people.

A while ago I saw a documentary where sports organisations protected paedophiles, because they didn't want the sport to be harmed.. This was top level organisations training for the Olympics etc.


WuTang360Bees t1_j903e1f wrote

…or you could just go to the U.S. Capital and look for any Republican in there. No conspiracies needed they literally all diddle kids


Dapaaads t1_j91dp53 wrote

This isn’t a d vs r issue. Clinton’s we’re big visitors to the island, but you’re also the type to only listen to cnn


Pygmyponymontana t1_j98grj3 wrote

The wealthy abuse just as many people as the poor. It’s not about political beliefs, nor Baptist vs Catholic, it’s across the board. Both sides are lying to us, stealing from us, brainwashing us. So when I hear that only conservatives or only liberals commit all the crimes, I know that person is closed minded to any alternate opinions.


WuTang360Bees t1_j98m4nh wrote

That’s a false equivalence that says you’re either very out of touch or being completely disingenuous


Sir_David_Brewster t1_j9065rj wrote

You’re right, Jennette McCurdy was at the capitol I saw her in the videos too.

All 87 of Weinstein’s accusers were there under her rule. Vincent Cirrincione’s 10 bipoc accusers were there, every coworker of Louis C.K. was in attendance.

Don’t even get me started with all of the racist Bill Cosby accuser’s… those fascists claim they don’t even remember being at the capitol. And R. Kelly? Talk about a great man, I think he was framed by Voldemort himself.


WuTang360Bees t1_j906bym wrote

The fuck are you rambling about? All i heard is you love treason and vote for pedophiles to “own the libs”

Classy combo


RaddyBaddy t1_j915vrv wrote

Basically, Money Talks on earth. But in the end before God who sits on his throne, he has the last saying. 📖☝️


harmfulxharmony t1_j91vg00 wrote

There is no God. Sorry.


RaddyBaddy t1_j9f024a wrote

You may think that you can get away with anything, but on the day of judgement, no one can help you. Life may seem like a smooth ride, but it is full of ups and downs, and eventually it will all come crashing down. When that happens, who will you turn to for help? As the Bible says in Psalm 121:2, "My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth." When all else fails, we must turn to God for help, for He is the only one who can truly provide us with the help and strength we need.


harmfulxharmony t1_j9hfi29 wrote

Agree to disagree?


RaddyBaddy t1_j9kr0us wrote

Agree to what? And Disagree with what? That's the problem with this world. Very sad, Jesus is enough.


harmfulxharmony t1_j9nkz59 wrote

I am saying that since there is no way to convince each other of the validity of our own personal beliefs, we should agree to disagree about the nature of existence as opposed to arguing about it on reddit.


RaddyBaddy t1_j9xi0w9 wrote

Just because you choose to refuse to accept Jesus doesn't really give you a excuse to make up nonsense to do so. That's on you bro.


Dapaaads t1_j91dizp wrote

That does nothing to help now so pretty worthless


LEGALIZE__KROKODIL t1_j8yr2v7 wrote

Some of the smartest people have been saying this shit for years only to get ignored...makes you wonder what else "conspiracy theorists" will be right about.


yogurtfuck t1_j8z47va wrote

That is so huge a false equivalency it has its own gravitational pull.


Gaskii t1_j8zqqnw wrote

Nope, I'm pretty sure since a bunch of people were right about this, then it's true that 5G underground alien illuminati lizard angels did 9/11


Kevonfor t1_j90niig wrote

You're being ridiculous on purpose.

Everyone knows that the 5G underground alien lizard angels are freemasons and not illuminati !


anotherjustlurking t1_j8zyibq wrote

It doesn’t make me wonder about anything…and who are some of the smartest people?


Atcollins1993 t1_j8zum5l wrote

You’re being downvoted by people that are sensationalizing the concept, I see what you’re saying brotha. The outlandish conspiracies are more akin to creative comedy or a big imagination and they give the whole topic a very bad rap.

Time and time again some of these unconventional ideas are proven to be unequivocally true, and that’s a fact. It’s fascinating to think about what we all might find out be true one day! Fun thought exercise at least, and there’s absolutely nothing that’s inherently wrong with that. Questioning the status quo is effectively the basis of science as an entire field!


Dapaaads t1_j91duw2 wrote

I mean the whole conspiracy theory term came from people talking the mk ultra mind control experiments in the 80s….they were right.


Slick424 t1_j91i6df wrote

> and there’s absolutely nothing that’s inherently wrong with that.

Tell that the millions of people that had to die because of an conspiracy theory where a small religious minority is secretly masterminding everything bad happening.

>Those Who Can Make You Believe Absurdities Can Make You Commit Atrocities

-- Voltaire


Atcollins1993 t1_j91u4vs wrote

That’s human behavior you’re referring to, it’s like saying that apples = potatoes.