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MyPasswordIs222222 t1_j8y0nfx wrote

I am still saddened by the way Corey Feldman was treated by Barbra Walters.

Edit: Okay, I just did a deep dive into the replies to my comment. Now I don't know what to think or believe.

People suck.


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UsecMyNuts t1_j8ycj2z wrote

I can’t speak to the ‘Coreys angels’ thing but the fact that he was given the opportunity to anonymously name the people who he claims raped Corey Haim and completely dodged the journalist should tell you everything you need to know

“I know the criminals and have undeniable proof of the crime, but I won’t tell anyone”


buckyroo t1_j8z5g1l wrote

He also gave a false name which in turn forced Corey Haims mother to come out with the real name.


WNEW t1_j8zi917 wrote

He probably was abused but that Sadly doesn’t deter folks from ending up being shitheads themsevles.

Also he told me to fuck off once when i was in WeHo so he can eat shit


gnapster t1_j90k2ca wrote

Yeah he was and according to his autobiography, it’s the type of abuse that can really fuck up a kid’s personality (emotional and physical). That’s not even counting the sexual abuse in later early adult life.


kfmush t1_j8zhowc wrote

I don't know anything about the situation, but how could it be anonymous if we know he didn't say anything?


UsecMyNuts t1_j8zmwfv wrote

He was offered anonymity and a middleman in order to convey his “undeniable proof” that Corey Haim was raped but declined to do so

In August 2020, after his movie ‘The Rape Of 2 Coreys’ released, Feldman made an attempt to contact O’Neill for the same anonymity deal but apparently offered information that contradicted/lied about his documentary and so it was never followed through on.


Iampepeu t1_j90e3d7 wrote

Sounds like a certain pillow pusher.


GeoffreyArnold t1_j8yub6u wrote

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Epstein's client list is still hidden. This isn't anything new and Cory Feldman is not the most egregious example of protecting pedophiles who happen to be powerful. Two mega donors to the Democrat party from Atlanta were caught molesting and having sex with their adopted children and Reddit censored the story under the guise of "hate speech" (because the pedophiles were gay married to each other). This happens all of the time.


timshel42 t1_j8ywd71 wrote

citation needed


FSMFan_2pt0 t1_j8yzpvv wrote

Don't count on it. Notice he calls out "Democrat party". (despite there being loads of Republicans on Epstein's list, including Trump). Look at his comment history. He posts in /r/conservative and /r/conspiracy a lot. Anti-Biden comments, etc, just another right-wing conspiracy nut.


timshel42 t1_j8zl76w wrote

if only you had included a breitbart article it would have really sealed the deal


Nooddjob_ t1_j8ziesi wrote

All those sources are garbage, I don’t really believe mainstream media.


GeoffreyArnold t1_j8zpgr5 wrote

Sources? This is a fucking court case. The NY Post has the actual public documents from the case.


ZeerVreemd t1_j90qdp6 wrote

Some people do not understand the difference between a source and a medium. Somehow it are always seem to be the same people who believe all mainstream narratives, LOL.


Nooddjob_ t1_j8zuv8j wrote

NY Post is just mainstream media trash.


DukeVerde t1_j8yvbph wrote

Don't think I've heard that story yet, by any outlet...


hearke t1_j8z29vq wrote

That's cause the mainstream media are hiding it, which means you know it must be true.

Source: I don't have any sources, so it must be true


DukeVerde t1_j8zd2ag wrote

But it was on reddit, so it must have existed; once upon a time!


anyavailablebane t1_j8zdmdz wrote

this was the first thing that popped up in google. I remember reading about it recently. It wasn’t widely covered but was definitely covered in Australia where I live.


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Crasz t1_j8zi2ap wrote

The 'Daily Mail'? You mean like the UK version of The National Enquirer?


Crasz t1_j8zi668 wrote

Hmm, all three of those sources are questionable though...


zedzag t1_j8zyfjw wrote

Where does it say they're mega donors of the democratic party?


Odeeum t1_j91gggi wrote

They don't. They're just regular, awful people...but he wanted desperately to associate this with Dems somehow.


AngelSucked t1_j9100uv wrote

The DM, Fox, and the NYP are yiur sources?!



UsecMyNuts t1_j8yy1yh wrote

To be honest I think there’s a huge difference between that and what Corey Feldman is doing

Feldman isn’t protecting anyone or fearing for his life, he’s outright lying that his friend (who just so happens to be dead and cannot defend himself) was brutally raped by a “Hollywood exec” and has changed his story multiple times to the point where the only person who could have possibly raped Haim or Feldman was a relative of Haims.

He’s bullshitting to make money.


GeoffreyArnold t1_j8zgo1t wrote

> Feldman isn’t protecting anyone or fearing for his life,

Wait what? You talking about the couple who raped their adopted children in Atlanta or are you talking about reddit? Or are you talking about Epstein?


UsecMyNuts t1_j8zlm06 wrote

I’m talking about Corey Feldman lying about his (dead) friend Corey Haim being raped as a child.


PretendsHesPissed t1_j8zlb2n wrote

I want in assuming you're a far right moron ... I came out realizing you're even worse than I thought.

Such a strange thing how the uneducated will do nothing to properly educate themselves yet to think they can speak with some authority.

Also, WTF is "gay married to each other"? Don't you mean butt buddies or something?


GeoffreyArnold t1_j8zp9c3 wrote

> Also, WTF is "gay married to each other"? Don't you mean butt buddies or something?

Did you read the articles? Two men. Married to each other. Large donors to the Democrat Party. Adopted children to rape and sell them to other men.


YaaBlewIt t1_j90dljg wrote

None of the three articles you linked mention the Democratic Party or donations at all. Just that they were active in the local LGBTQ community. Even so, how is their party affiliation or political ideology or sexual orientation of any relevance to their fucking evil, heinous criminal actions? i.e. raping their kids and offering them to other pedophiles to rape. I think anyone claiming those things are in any way related requires immense ignorance and/or hate. Would you mention it if a rapist was a large donor to the Republican or Green Party? Or if they were straight married?


EvilioMTE t1_j908oyq wrote

Im not quite sure why you're so hell bent on turning paedephilia and rape into a Republican/democrats issue. The world is far bigger than that.


AngelSucked t1_j910jw3 wrote

You didn't answer: how is "gay marriage" different than "marriage"?


GeoffreyArnold t1_j91mcri wrote

"gay" because it would be misleading to imply that a man and woman raped and sold their children to a pack of pedophiles. Without knowing that these are two men, you wouldn't understand why reddit would censor the story. If it were a married man and woman doing this, reddit wouldn't care that people heard about it.


AngelSucked t1_j920lx8 wrote

You didn't answer me: What is gay marriage? I can't find it in any Federal, state, or local laws or codes.


Odeeum t1_j91gwum wrote

There is zero mention of them being "mega-donors" to any party on those articles


Odeeum t1_j91g8gw wrote

The sources you posted, while objectively awful, fail to mention anything about them being "mega-donors" to the Dem party. They're pretty low level scumbags molesting their kids, which unfortunately happens.

When you embellish things with stories like this it does a disservice.


ammshrimpus t1_j91s1db wrote

The flight logs are out now. You would be surprised at who flew on Epsteins “Lolita express”. Some of the celebrities I would never have guessed but Hollywood is an interesting bunch.


GeoffreyArnold t1_j929ome wrote

But the flight logs and the client list are different things. What they are hiding is the client list. Epstein and Maxwell were charged with essentially pimping underage girls, but who did they pimp them out to? That list of clients of powerful people is a secret to this day. We know there was one member of the British Royal Family but where are the rest of the names?

The flight logs just says who was on his jet. That doesn't mean they had sex with any of the minors. What we want to see is the client list.


ammshrimpus t1_j92gdma wrote

I agree. Too many disgusting child sex offenders are being protected. They should all be prosecuted. I’m betting the reason the client list is still hidden is because there are some very influential and high powered people on it.


GeoffreyArnold t1_j92svpk wrote

That’s certainly the reason it hasn’t been released. Meanwhile, “look over there….it’s a spy balloon!”


elinordash t1_j8zz8ml wrote

I seriously recommend watching Corey's episode of Wife Swap on Hulu- it shows him with his "Angels."

I know hurt people hurt people, but Corey isn't a simple victim, he has also done things to other people.


AngelSucked t1_j90zsy1 wrote

Beat me to it. And, it was sanitized for TV. He can be both a victim and a predator, and he is definitely a predator.

I agree with other posters: he needs to expose these Hollywood pedophiles. Weinstein tanked Ashley Judd's career because she wouldn't have sex with him, and she ultimately is who exposed Weinstein.


Jlx_27 t1_j8yznht wrote

True, he is a total asswipe. Walters is (was) one too though.


Littlebotweak t1_j8zpzbk wrote

It’s kind of amazing how quick an anti Corey brigade popped up. Knowing what I know about Brock Pierce and his history of Astro turfing, welp….


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Littlebotweak t1_j91inn9 wrote

Right, u/hillbilly-sasquatch. That’s why you replied a bunch of times as if it was your job, and clearly have a little band of accounts to follow you to do the same. That’s an awful lot of effort and it’s obvious. 😂😂😂😂

It’s as if an alert went off and you were required to be in the thread. You wrote as if you knew Feldman personally. First names from the beginning, the rest of us know him as two names. Do you have a rational explanation for why you came to a thread and started talking about Corey Feldman like someone you’ve known for years?

If you aren’t getting paid, you should try getting a life, because this is a really weird way to spend a Friday night.

You might actually watch the documentary you’re commenting on the thread for (I bet you have, any time it gets posted, astro turfers come running. Brock taught Steve bannon all about it). Brock Pierce was a Hollywood sugar baby darling for Bob Villard - a Hollywood pedo who got convicted but still sells pics he took of young boys on eBay (but you knew that). Brock was part of the pedo network “digital entertainment network” and went on to start IGE, which was an early game currency seller. Now he’s in crypto, because scammers gotta keep scamming. He fled to US to Spain for a while to evade charges just like Roman Polanski.

I know all that because of the litigation he faced when IGE was handed to Steve Bannon by Goldman Sachs after a law suit in the 2000’s. Really, I was just a gamer gawking at drama back then, but amazingly, in the years since, Brock Pierce comes up over and over again. He founded tether with his buddy from the gaming currency days (Jonathan Yantis), now he pretends he isn’t affiliated (because, obviously, tether is operating like FTX et al, it was never truly 1:1).

But, by all means. Keep pretending this is all bullshit and that deriding your old pal Corey changes any of it. Were you in the collins-rector mansion shaking it for old men with Brock back in the day? Are you also a victim of old men who likes to abuse boys? Because that’s the company Pierce keeps - old men into abusing boys, and boys to abuse.

Be brave. Come forward.


satellites-or-planes t1_j94u827 wrote

I was blown away when I saw that Brock threw his hat in the ring for President in the 2020 election...


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jaffacake00 t1_j912ev6 wrote

I definitely don't think you've looked him up hard enough, he's a crypto billionaire.


MurderShiver13 t1_j8yoy4m wrote

Barbara Walters was a friend of Jeffrey Epstein, so it makes perfect sense to me.


PretendsHesPissed t1_j8zkxlh wrote

Oh wow. So you were friend with both of them too or what because I'm having a hard time figuring out how you "know" this.

Having your contact saving in a phone book doesn't mean shit. I've got Obama saved in my phone book ... dude doesn't when know who I am.


Dospunk t1_j901119 wrote

Found Barbara's alt account


jeffersonairmattress t1_j90div7 wrote

It’s right there in the username: pretends= babbles>> Baba/Barbara; pissed= make water>> Wawa/Walters.


MurderShiver13 t1_j909iqy wrote

>dude doesn't when know who I am

Riiiiiiiight. Nice try spook. lol


DeeDeeW1313 t1_j8zhmk6 wrote

She sucked. She said horrible things to many interviewees.


Duamerthrax t1_j8zhvtm wrote

Regardless of Feldman, you can also look up her interview with Dolly Parton to get the kind of person she is.


real_bk3k t1_j8zspqt wrote

I don't really know shit about him, but for the record: someone can be both a victim, and an asshole, at the same time.

In fact many perpetrators of abuse, were themselves abused, which is no excuse of course.

But again, I'm not talking about him specifically, because I know nothing about him. And while other comments do speak of him, it isn't good to confuse something you read in a random comment, with something you actually know as a matter of fact. Thus I still know nothing about him.


moves_likemacca t1_j91icci wrote

Exactly. My mother was victimized, and then she went on to victimize her children.

I understand why she is the way she is.

But she can't be in my life because she refuses to admit wrongdoing.


MyPasswordIs222222 t1_j8zumvj wrote

>Thus I still know nothing about him.

Yea. You're right. Way too complex to "know" anything about other people.

Edit: not sure why I'm being down-voted. He is right. Life and relationships are far too complex to truly 'know' what another person is like or going through.


Hearing_HIV t1_j8yxk9e wrote

Corey is holding his alleged list of names ransom to get a cash grab. He is a huge POS.


Jlx_27 t1_j8yzhw4 wrote

The amount of support and love for Walters in the media and on social media after she (finally) died made me sick.


BobSacamano47 t1_j909noc wrote

Wow she asked if Dilly Parton's tits were fake, what a horrible person /s