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Falcon3492 t1_ja43gm2 wrote

The main (major) problem with FOX news is it isn't based on fact, it is 90%+ conservative propaganda. All of their major contributors have a truthful rating in the single digits, that's not opinion but fact!


geronimo1142 t1_ja459kt wrote

Where I don’t disagree with you about Fox you seem to be giving cnn, msnbc and all the other networks that do the exact same thing only with a different narrative a hard pass. And who might be determining this “truthful rating?” I’m sure they are just regular people with zero political ties.


McGauth925 t1_ja48qic wrote

Fox always lags far behind, regarding fact-checking. That is hugely more true about their "news-entertainment" programs, which are propaganda, pure and simple.

Yup, the "left" does it too. But, the right has made a science of it, and taken it to heights hitherto undreamt of. But, you have your what-about-ism to protect you from really seeing that.

The fact is, it's ALL owned by the rich, and both sides keep any information about how our country really runs out of the limelight.


geronimo1142 t1_ja4dur6 wrote

You literally said it yourself, it’s all owned by the rich and they purposefully don’t tell us the truth. You are literally agreeing with my statement and then claiming I’m protecting my what-about-ism like I was wrong.


Falcon3492 t1_ja4esf1 wrote

Not at all, the other networks don't get the facts correct all the time but they do it at a much higher rate than FOX, OAN and News Max who basically lie to their viewers at as close to 100% as they can get.


ip_address_freely t1_ja44rmp wrote

Funny how there are people dumb enough to actually believe this. Lmao


Falcon3492 t1_ja4fdrk wrote

The really funny part is how many people who watch FOX, OAN or Newsmax actually believe what they are being told and are either too stupid or too ignorant to realize they are being lied to and conned at the same time!


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Falcon3492 t1_ja53wkq wrote

You do realize that Trump was a pathological liar don't you? Also Trump did nothing for you or the country unless you're in the top 1%. He also sold out our intelligence community to Crazy Vlad Putin in Helsinki, ripped off the country by forcing secret service and other govt. officials to stay at his hotels and inflated prices and also added $7 trillion to the national debt. Just to name a few. He also opened the door to elect other village idiots like Boebert, Greene and Soros into Congress. Soros is cut out of the same cloth as Trump and where do you think that lyingidiot Soros learned his lessons of constant lying from? Donald Trump!


Falcon3492 t1_ja5og8q wrote

I meant Santos or whatever name he's going by this week. Not Soros. Anyone on Reddit know why I lost my edit feature? Did I hit something that took it away?


McGauth925 t1_ja497p5 wrote

You leave out the power of doubt. What we truly need is drastic change. That scares people, so anything that casts doubt on how much change we need makes it easier for people to think it's always been this way, and it always will.