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Falcon3492 t1_ja44wbh wrote

This is a documentary where they never talked to anyone actually involved, it was basically ambush journalism at its finest. When Jean-Philippe Tremblay was asked if he ever tried to talk to any of the major players, proudly answered NO. He went on to say he had 93 minutes to get an alternative point of view across to the viewers and that is what he wanted to present and thought they did a good job of doing that.


McGauth925 t1_ja4ccdt wrote

Sounds bad, on the face of it, and maybe it is. But, if the media serves the rich first and foremost, that's NOT what they're going to tell you. They're going to tell you they're fair and objective. Well, they've been telling us that all along. Maybe a documentary like this one is the best way to find out things that the MSM has a vesting interest in not telling us.


Falcon3492 t1_ja4eexv wrote

What you want from MSM is factual reporting and you will never get 100% factual reporting from any of the major networks, but with that being said you have to look to those that present the facts at the highest level and the best at doing it are ABC, CBS, NBC and the worst are by far, FOX, OAN and News Max.