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Falcon3492 t1_ja53wkq wrote

You do realize that Trump was a pathological liar don't you? Also Trump did nothing for you or the country unless you're in the top 1%. He also sold out our intelligence community to Crazy Vlad Putin in Helsinki, ripped off the country by forcing secret service and other govt. officials to stay at his hotels and inflated prices and also added $7 trillion to the national debt. Just to name a few. He also opened the door to elect other village idiots like Boebert, Greene and Soros into Congress. Soros is cut out of the same cloth as Trump and where do you think that lyingidiot Soros learned his lessons of constant lying from? Donald Trump!


Falcon3492 t1_ja5og8q wrote

I meant Santos or whatever name he's going by this week. Not Soros. Anyone on Reddit know why I lost my edit feature? Did I hit something that took it away?