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dr3adlock t1_jdqbzi7 wrote

This is a great representation of the English countryside. We have compleatly devastated our wildlife and ecosystem's through blanket farming.


sus_skrofa t1_jdqezc6 wrote

This used to be a hedge, and now there is only one tree.


pronto_tonto t1_jdr0u7d wrote

... because the supermarkets and therefore presumably the public refuse to pay a reasonable price which would permit farmer's to maintain smaller field sizes, otherwise they can't compete with the prairie farmers of Canada or Australia. British food prices are amongst the lowest in the developed world but if you want to maintain a thriving ecosystem you have to be willing to pay more for your food.


PickleFlaps t1_jdr63pz wrote

The British landscape has been largely man made for a couple of millennia.


Forgotten_Son t1_jdr99z6 wrote

Yeah, I think there are now more woods in the UK now than there were 1000 years ago.


lolwutpear t1_jdra2sc wrote

We shouldn't just compare ourselves to the nadir. If you lose 99% of something, then increase by 500%, you're still at 5%.

Keep up the progress!


BarrySh1tpeas t1_jdrmpx1 wrote

Yeah! The English poors needs to pay their damn way in a capitalist society designed to keep them poor! How dare they not spend most of their poverty wage on sustenance?

Oh no wait no hang we already are…


ecuinir t1_jdurrl3 wrote

The cost of food is not the issue - it’s just that food is bought after most other things. Food in the UK has long been cheap relative to almost all of Europe - even most of those countries that produce enough to be self-sufficient.

The cost of housing is absurd (whether rent/mortgage) and is the only real driver of poverty in the UK. Even ‘fuel poverty’ at the moment is a bit of a nonsense - people are only struggling with the cost of fuel (directly or indirectly) because their rent/mortgage is too high a proportion of their income.


JibletsGiblets t1_jdsolms wrote

Should we have people starve instead? Or perhaps a one child policy to reduce populations? Or just import all of our food?


paltala t1_jdsguwt wrote

You've clearly never been out to the lake or peak districts or into the middle of Wales, or even the middle of Scotland.

Also, where the fuck else are we going to get our food?


MattPollitt t1_jdsib76 wrote

All of the places you mentioned are heavily human-altered landscapes through farming, deforestation, and the degradation of valuable habitat, and although some may find them aesthetically pleasing to look at, they are devoid of any true natural wilderness.


purpleslug t1_jdt2b83 wrote

All of the landscapes you've mentioned have been intensively managed and are biodiversity deplete. The UK, including Wales and Scotland, is in the bottom 10% of countries for biodiversity intactness.

Meanwhile, other more densely populated countries - such as the Netherlands - have much more efficient farming sectors, so much so that they are significant exporters in Europe. They are also less biodiversity deplete.


Mclarenrob2 t1_jdudd9i wrote

What a load of bollocks. There's millions of miles of hedgerows in the UK and hay/wildflower meadows. A lot of farmers now leave a 3 metre margin untouched around the edges of fields.

Don't you want to eat ?


MattPollitt t1_jdukk6v wrote

We’ve lost 97% of wildflower meadows since 1930 and 50% of hedgerows since WWII.


VironicHero t1_jdqz342 wrote

I always feel like lonely trees in the middle of fields have a secret history.

Planted by someone on purpose?

A haven for uncounted wayward travelers?

Secret rendezvous of friends and lovers?

A favorite childhood play place?

Scene of past crimes?

Such stories it could tell.

Coincidentally here is a link to a lonely tree.


WolfCola4 t1_jdr0qt0 wrote

Man, how terrible do you have to be at driving (even drunk) to hit the only tree within 100 miles?


Sho_Nuff_1021 t1_jdrgtlp wrote

That is a wonderful, romantic thought that's somehow tragic at the same time.


PresuminEd74 OP t1_jdrxj6b wrote

Wonderful words, I’m always on the lookout for lone trees…if anyone knows anymore & could tell me It’d be greatly appreciated 🌳


Stittie t1_jdqi7yd wrote

Used to live there, albeit in Leeds so I didn’t see the country all the time. But I always loved it whenever I did.


Jonkoroken420 t1_jdrgjrd wrote

I'm sorry you had to live in Leeds, my condolences.


Sho_Nuff_1021 t1_jdqg0ng wrote

And there you will find a rock that has no earthly business being in a Maine hayfield


ghostmark2005 t1_jdr5pb1 wrote

Andy Dufresne, the man who crawled through 500 yards of shit and came out clean the other end


driverofracecars t1_jdqrzjk wrote

Then it’s a good thing they’re not in Maine.


[deleted] t1_jdqyka7 wrote



ghostmark2005 t1_jdr5te3 wrote

I wish I could tell you that Andy fought the good fight, and the Sisters let him be. I wish I could tell you that - but prison is no fairy-tale world. He never said who did it, but we all knew.


gomjbbar t1_jdqwo0s wrote

Beautiful picture. Where in W Yorks is that, if you don't mind? Grew up in Wakefield so don't recall much looking like that.


enelby t1_jdr32ac wrote

Plenty of countryside like this a stone's throw away in Wakie. Have a look around!


StolenDabloons t1_jdrt4x7 wrote

I find it impressive this guy hasn't seen anything like this, just leaving the place you see all sorts similar


gomjbbar t1_jdr9ldf wrote

Thankfully I escaped Wakefield a long while ago.


CurryBoy420 t1_jdrqxe5 wrote

Wakey isn't that bad at all


mango_carrot t1_jdrwc0o wrote

Mate, yes it is 😂


CurryBoy420 t1_jds02e3 wrote

Depends on your perspective and where you live I guess


dbfjqp t1_jdsq6eq wrote

You realise that you’re on Reddit and these people haven’t left the house in days or weeks… You’re fighting a losing battle here.


CurryBoy420 t1_jduhk1u wrote

I mean I worked 6 days last week so I spent the weekend resting but theres a fair few decent walks and nice places in wakey


herefromthere t1_jdqx5am wrote

It could be any field pretty much anywhere. It's a slope, a tree, and a cloudy day. Lots of places have them.

I grew up just North of Wakefield, and see this stuff everywhere.


Isgortio t1_jdrk41d wrote

Outside of Wakefield is basically this lol, I drive through it every day.


ImFromYorkshire t1_jdunl5o wrote

It looks like a spot near Ackworth where I go running sometimes but it could be anywhere other than Featherstone. If it was Fev that'd be firewood by now.


SheepHerderMonk t1_jdrn7bq wrote

I think it's between Aberford and Sherburn-in-Elmet, near the Towton battlefield.

But I may be mistaken.


Dommlid t1_jdqww90 wrote

By ‘eck, that’s a cracking picture


Yawndice t1_jdrje4f wrote

I feel like this picture has a beauty to it but also a very ugly truth: the nature is almost gone. All that's left is this tree. This field is likely devoid of most natural life via pesticides. We gotta eat of course but it's sad to witness.


TaterTotQueen630 t1_jdsmdur wrote

This looks haunting yet peaceful. Such a cool photo!


PresuminEd74 OP t1_jdsmnt0 wrote

Thank you, I massively appreciate your kind words 🙏


A_J_H t1_jdr2m1b wrote

I love this. Makes me think of the end of 1917.


mattyc182 t1_jdr3wvp wrote

Dora Lange in ‘95


DarkEmperor7135 t1_jdrl01y wrote

Went right to the comments just to see if anyone else immediately thought of True Detective lol


FnB8kd t1_jdr4b95 wrote

Shadow of the erdtree vibes.


g0tkilt t1_jds6wai wrote

This looks like "Heaven" from that Russel Crow movie Gladiator


DawnyBrat t1_jdtrtz4 wrote

It’s a truly beautiful photo. I just don’t know how I’m feeling about it. Peaceful, but sad, lonely…


PresuminEd74 OP t1_jdubr6g wrote

Thank you so much, I massively appreciate your kind words 👍 Lone trees can have that effect 🌳


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Koala_eiO t1_jdr3zk8 wrote

What if the entire landscape is human-made?


Peazo t1_jdqsd66 wrote

Never go there, it's where the children live. There was a movie made, Children of the Wheat.


TW_JD t1_jdrn0zt wrote

Were they lead through the field by Theresa May?


Peazo t1_jdulwe9 wrote

I think you may have created the most terrifying horror movie of all time!


xSARGEx117x t1_jdqxxlx wrote

I could go for a spot of tea right about now...


gomjbbar t1_jdro2s8 wrote

Guess I just remember the shit parts then.


PresuminEd74 OP t1_jdrr9my wrote

There’s no shortage of either tbf, much like everywhere, hope wherever you are now is better than where you were…Onwards & upwards 📸


dookyspoon t1_jdrogvs wrote

Is this a tea field where they harvest the Yorkshire tea?


rf97a t1_jdrr5wk wrote

Pretty. I miss England when I see photos like this


allhumanstogether t1_jdrs234 wrote

Love the capture here. The tracks rolling down the hill, the faded color of the wheat. Nice work!


IceEngine21 t1_jdrur3w wrote

Am I the only one getting Gladiator vibes?


Sinker008 t1_jdrwz74 wrote

God's county. I miss the amazing tap water


[deleted] t1_jdrxee7 wrote



PresuminEd74 OP t1_jdryb14 wrote

Loving the walking dead reference…if any producers from TWD are reading this & want to use it…Is it still going TWD?


SnowConePeople t1_jdrxy9c wrote

I'm saving this for when people ask me how I'm feeling.


Trumpswells t1_jdsaptk wrote

Shades of True Detective Season 1: Far from Any Road.


PresuminEd74 OP t1_jdsawc3 wrote

A few people have mentioned True Detective, sounds like something I need to check out


MissJunie t1_jdssse8 wrote

Beautiful! Love the crisp close-up detail of the wheat, against the long view and dramatic sky.


kjloveless t1_jdt74kq wrote

From the dusty Mesa a looking Shadow grows, hidden in the branches of the poison creosote...


sekhmet009 t1_jdtfl0t wrote

OMG same thoughts lol. Reminds me a lot of the first season


Jizzicaaaa t1_jdtowql wrote

Beautiful. What kind of camera do you use?


lilchad6 t1_jdtvwqg wrote

Reminds me of that famous slipknot album cover


t3eee t1_jdu4n1s wrote

A beautiful dream. Screams "Fields of Gold"


edenelisabeth t1_jdu78tz wrote

Head for the burrow!

Looks like something out of Harry Potter. 😭


PresuminEd74 OP t1_jdubhaz wrote

I’ll take Harry Potter everyday of the week, have a marvellous Monday 🌅


Kian-kun t1_jdv674k wrote

I had a Maximus flash back


Paperr_Towell t1_jdvjob9 wrote

Of all the trees that grow so fair Ol’ England to adorn


Gilshem t1_jdql4rj wrote

Eleventy-first birthday party coming up!


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elliotm96 t1_jdraicn wrote

Saxton? Very close to where I live


[deleted] t1_jdrl0ch wrote

I can smell this picture


rorocirca1989 t1_jdsb17d wrote

Is a cultivated field man-made though?


PresuminEd74 OP t1_jdsc2we wrote

Its hardly a man-made object & its not been taking down yet, so I guess we’re good to go 🌳


McPorkums t1_jdsfx9x wrote

Wint dawn t'pit t'other day 'n Brian dropped 'ot metal on me foot- t'were fookin' murder.


itago t1_jdsj734 wrote

Looks like an AI generated image


PresuminEd74 OP t1_jdskv06 wrote

It’s as real as the fingers you just used to type your comment 🌳


Eagle_Foxtrot t1_jdvatl8 wrote

  • horse gallop sound *
  • mountain banjo starts playing* "You're alright boah"

SoIJustBuyANewOne t1_jdrsxdn wrote

Who the fuck upvoted this?

It's a fucking field with a tree in it lmao


PresuminEd74 OP t1_jdru5ad wrote

All the best in your quest for happiness & enlightenment, have a wonderful weekend 🌳