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innovfitness OP t1_jao1dv9 wrote

I have been waiting for about five years to have snow low on Mount Diablo in California. So when this happened overnight, I was up early and went to the shot that I had planned. Took about five hours for the low clouds to clear, but this is what I got. Hope you like it.

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fj333 t1_jaorehq wrote

I considered lugging my snowboard to the top on Monday morning but was too lazy. Some skier stole my idea though and a bunch of local news outlets ran his video. 😆


slackmeyer t1_jaow96d wrote

I think several skiers were up there, a friend of mine got some turns in and I heard about a few others. Apparently drifts were up to thigh deep.


22LT t1_japf091 wrote

yeah also a bunch of thieves too apparently. I heard several cars were broken into.


TVLL t1_japg815 wrote

Ahhh Bay Area, you never fail to disappoint. I'm surprised the thieves could get out of bed and get out into the cold.

Snow on Diablo isn't that rare. It usually happens every 3-5 years.


tminus7700 t1_japd519 wrote

We also had snow on Mission peak in Fremont Ca. This mountain peak is northSouth of Diablo. I can see it out my front window.

Edit: fixed direction of peak.


TVLL t1_japggnu wrote

South of Diablo. Diablo is in Contra Costa County, Mission Peak in southern Alameda County.


CoryTheDuck t1_jaqqsbx wrote

It's cool you hiked up there for this shot, it's a great photo.


MWoodley18 t1_jaown4e wrote

Love seeing pictures from my neck of the woods on here. Diablo has been stunning for several days now! Where was the pic taken from?


chillybawls t1_jap0whd wrote

This 100% is Mercedo Ranch


MWoodley18 t1_jap18nl wrote

Thank you! As long as I’ve lived here you’d think I’d know that staging area lol. Always appreciate having more places to hike!


chillybawls t1_jap0zr2 wrote

I know that exact spot in Mercedo Ranch, the pond, the rocks, all very familiar. Used to play hooky back there.


Upvote_Express t1_jap6y8n wrote

China wall, great contemplatin' spot. I ate mushrooms here once. When it's wet back there the clay clods up on the bottom of your shoes til they get so heavy they fling right off your feet lmao.


WitchingHr t1_japy8no wrote

Fun fact, this was the inspiration for the name Diablo in the Diablo video game series. Lead game developer, David Brevik, grew up in the area and said he always thought the mountain had a cool name, and ended up using it as inspiration for the 1997 video game.

There's a video on YT of him recalling the story.


[deleted] t1_jao2x06 wrote

This is fantastic. Awesome work.


JAEM89 t1_jao502y wrote

Dam i thought it normally snowed up there.


Diaphragmatic_Cry269 t1_jaody80 wrote

it used to more often than it does now.

i would see snow a lot but around 7-8 years ago is when i noticed that there isn't as much anymore.


2011StlCards t1_jaoqmn8 wrote

Strange, I wonder what could have caused that to shift



peepeedog t1_jaqeknu wrote

This is a lot of snow for the area. It’s been long enough since we had this much snow that I don’t remember when it was.


Simcognito t1_japyt0m wrote

It does. Just not this much. There's usually some snow near the peak at some point between January and March.


voiceofgromit t1_jaqjv52 wrote

A dusting once or twice a season isn't unusual but this week was well outside of normal.


Noache_pleasethnx t1_japw404 wrote

As an SF Bay Area native (RWC and SJ), I wouldn't call it rare. More like uncommon. Although it's always enchanting! Mount Hamilton looks pretty cool, too!


Kahzgul t1_japepqg wrote

Rare green on Mt. Diablo, too! All of my childhood memories of that mountain are of brown scrub.


TVLL t1_japgqlk wrote

Really? How old are you? It typically greens up in winter and spring before turning brown in early summer.


Simcognito t1_japyli6 wrote

It's rare to see that much snow this low but there's some snow on Mt Diablo every winter.


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Picklesadog t1_jaok783 wrote

Haha we posted similar photos of nearly the same location on the same day!


adawg12 t1_jaopkik wrote

Taken from macguire peak?


Shy_Joe t1_jap8z13 wrote

Are those deer or some form of alpacas? Bottom of the pic. Nice shot by the way.


CaliRiverRat t1_japde5o wrote

Great shot, I enjoyed it from a distance and the comfort of a warm car.


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JadedSpaceNerd t1_jaq0wm0 wrote

The devil got a little too hot that day and decided to cool off


Zonel t1_jaq7trh wrote

I remember it had snow every year in the late 90's as a kid.


Mikelowe93 t1_jaq8a38 wrote

On Wednesday I drove up from Saratoga to the top of the Santa Cruz mountains. The roads were closed in the other three directions so I went back. Snow was above 2000 feet. There were car sized boulders being broken up.


VacantlyNecessary85 t1_jaqehl1 wrote

Although the snowy mountain is an amazing view but the one that captures me is the beauty the the greens have.


abccarroll t1_jareb1f wrote

Normally they're golden due to the lack of rain but we've been getting pounded with rain over the last 3 months!


voiceofgromit t1_jaqjl9k wrote

Beautiful pic.

I've lived within sight of Mt Diablo for 15 years. There has been snow in the past, but nothing like this week. The snowline was at a really low elevation.


This_Is_FosTA t1_jar1m9c wrote

Thought that was a sand pit on a golf course... been in r/golf too much.


supermom721 t1_jar8sgh wrote

I thought this was Ireland. So beautiful


Kimlovestrees t1_jar94ow wrote

Wow, this is gorgeous! I grew up with a view of Mt Diablo a constant, it's making me homesick for somewhere I haven't lived since 2004!


StuntOstrich t1_jarhher wrote

I have an amazing photo of one of those gnarled oaks in the fog on Mt. Diablo.


Mooskii_Fox t1_jav7h17 wrote

I would like to have a house near this area it's so pretty


yammymaam t1_japrbo7 wrote

When hell freezes over


Befuddled_Cultist t1_japjuh5 wrote

That's Mount Diablo for you, it's either covered in snow or on fire.