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buckydamwitty t1_jar2cer wrote

This is a fantastic picture


samwich7 t1_jara1qr wrote

I think this is my favourite photo I've ever seen


Nateloobz OP t1_jartqz3 wrote

Woah, thank you!


GrimRiderJ t1_jat1fru wrote

Beautiful beautiful work my dude. Do you happen to have any shots in ultra wide? Panoramic shots? I have a 32:9 monitor and good background photos are hard to come by.


Lokiibott t1_jasund7 wrote

This is the most amazing photo I've seen on this sub


PunelopeMcGee t1_jbngwqo wrote

Me too. It’s now my wallpaper. On everything. It inspires me :)


BrianOBrien t1_jarcmz8 wrote

One of the best submissions I have seen in this sub. Incredible shot u/Nateloobz


Nateloobz OP t1_jarfg6h wrote

Eyyy thank you!


apoxyslays t1_javhmx2 wrote

This really is a beautiful shot, absolutely stunning. Are there hi-res copies uploaded somewhere?


Tannerite2 t1_jas15qm wrote

Am I blind or is there no crescent moon?


theartificialkid t1_jasxydo wrote

It’s the thing that looks like the sun. That’s what the moon looks like when you expose for a night landscape.


Tannerite2 t1_jasy7iy wrote

But why say crescent moon when we can't see if it is or not? It might as well be a full moon in this picture.


buckydamwitty t1_jax84cs wrote

Fellow photographers may wonder why the moon didn't overexpose even further, which can be explained by the moon being a crescent.


Tihifas t1_jar7n24 wrote

Very cool and beautiful. Is it one photo, or a composite?


Nateloobz OP t1_jar88l2 wrote

Single exposure. Very fortunate to have a night where the moon and the aurora were similar brightness. A good example of being lucky rather than good haha.

edit: figured it might be relevant to link my video about camera gear and settings for photographing the northern lights:


SaltLakeCitySlicker t1_jarwpwv wrote

If you don't mind, I'd like to turn this into a massive cross stitch pattern. It's gorgeous. Just for personal use of course. It would be great at the cabin


Nateloobz OP t1_jasvilx wrote

Woahhh, that would be cool!


SaltLakeCitySlicker t1_jaswhl9 wrote

I'm a bit busy today but if you're into x stitch I will pm the pattern. Or send results! This one will take a helluva long time though


Primed_in t1_jar76gt wrote

What’s your editing process and camera setup for a shot like this? I’m relatively new to the hobby and trying to get to this kinda level


DanzakFromEurope t1_jar9qgb wrote

Wow, coming to Lofoten around March 28th. Hopefully will see something similar. I am really thinking about buying a wider lens for the trip or using 24mm (FF).


Nateloobz OP t1_jara8a9 wrote

I would definitely recommend a wider lens for up there, it's a very expansive place. You can also rent a lens if you're not ready to commit to something forever.

I hope you get to see the lights, also! March 28th is pretty late in the year, as of March 31st there is officially no more nighttime in Lofoten until September 14th.


DanzakFromEurope t1_jarc16a wrote

We are going on a 14 day roadtrip (from Czechia) so renting is out of the question because buying a lens would cost almost the same (and I could resell it after I return). I am already taking a 35L bag full of photo/video stuff so space might be a concern too 😅.

Don't know why, but I didn't check when the "no night" period starts....hopefully it will still be somewhat dark (we are also staying in Abisko and then driving down through Sweden). We have to be in Narvik on 30.3. (One of us is flying back to Oslo) so maybe we will be around Narvik from 26-30th.


zb0t1 t1_jarq9cw wrote

Risky to travel all the way there for a shot like this without checking if it's still gonna be possible! But if you can adapt and find other things to do as an alternative in the worst case then you can still spend a good time. Norway has beautiful sites, nature etc. Have fun!


DanzakFromEurope t1_jarqoez wrote

Yeah, we are not traveling all the way upthere just to take a pic :D We have some friends in Oslo, so we will be staying there for a couple of days and than move on. It's more of a "turn off trip" because some of us are going through a somewhat difficult moments :D


Zoidfarbb t1_jas1b9e wrote

Only time I was fortunate to leave the states to travel was to go to visit Norway and Svolvaer was one of the places I got to see. I wish I had left with a picture like this as that area was something else. This picture is fantastic and it makes me happy


probablynotmine t1_jatflf6 wrote

I’ve been taking landscape photographs for 20 years and this is the best picture I have ever seen


Nateloobz OP t1_jatk60o wrote

Wow, that’s a huge compliment, thank you so much!


Dogeboja t1_jarc2gm wrote

What an awesome picture! Thank you for your videos too, I bought a Sony 20mm f1.8 because of your recommendations.


ownedthawte t1_jarmfj5 wrote

This photo is so insanely great. You have amazing luck and skill!


Cptnkoji t1_jaru8sc wrote

This IS one of the Most beautiful Pictures ive ever Seen. Just Wow


alierajean t1_jas1bdr wrote

Can I have this view in my backyard please and thank you.


Yodan t1_jassb00 wrote

Soul stone be jealous


Pezdrake t1_jatlghn wrote

Right? I thought this was Earthporn not Vormirporn.


myairblaster t1_jav2jzy wrote

Stunning! What’s your IG? You need to be followed immediately


Nateloobz OP t1_jaw701m wrote

Haha thank you! I’m @nateinthewild all over the internet


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[deleted] t1_jarrx49 wrote

Imagine if humans took more time appreciating the earth’s beauty as they do their social media postings.


jsonne t1_jart3l9 wrote

Nice pic nate =)


blondie1028 t1_jas0y1z wrote

Absolutely beautiful!!!!❤️


chknqwn t1_jas48e6 wrote

Omg this is breathtaking! Stunning photo!!!


Wolfire0769 t1_jasbox7 wrote

I never thought a picture would make me miss my camera so much. It's beautiful!


Antpocalypse_7 t1_jascuph wrote

Omfg. Jaw drop. Holy shit. This is effing incredible. Best pic of an aurora I've ever seen! gifgifgifgifgifgif


alt52 t1_jasdlwy wrote

Stunning photo. The color contrast is nice.


deputydrool t1_jaskbcg wrote

Mind blowing, and single exposure wow wow wow


astroculv t1_jaslhnt wrote

This picture has a lot of awesome aspects to it, great work!


DelightfulWitches t1_jasqriz wrote

Wow, this is gorgeous! I love the colors. Right out of a sci-fi film.


37214 t1_jassod0 wrote

Beautiful photo!


Ed_Derick_ t1_jasw9qa wrote

I refuse to believe this isn’t how Vikings came up with the concept for Yggdrasill


horolog1st t1_jaswoot wrote

Beautiful, but look out for the Night King!


SprintToTheMoon t1_jasyj9o wrote

Do you have a full resolution available? I would love to use this as my background


pumpkinspice1124 t1_jatbajo wrote

SOOOOO COOOOOL! But how? Did you combine 2 images?

Excellent shot anyways :)


Levowitz t1_jatv5dr wrote

This is gorgeous. Gottdamn.


MoBambaNYC t1_jatysvl wrote

This is really well done Nate. I took a similar photo Last month in Alaska, love the contrast between the moon and aurora.


West_Low2724 t1_jau09a7 wrote

Amazing transition of color from the left and right. Phenomenal.


DJdoom123 t1_jauctoy wrote

Looks straight out of a sci-fi movie!


Kainzy t1_jaulzfm wrote

Just saw this on /r/all. Have to say it is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!


[deleted] t1_jaut6xu wrote

I've never seen the moon and aurora in the same shot in all my 52 years. Jaw dropping. Kudos, artist.


SubjectSigma77 t1_jav3eum wrote

This is one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. Just wow


LaLuzdeAbigail t1_jaw6ryn wrote

This is absolutely breathtaking! And a clear reminder of the amazing Creator we have


dividebyoh t1_jaxbhoq wrote

Beautiful. Can I purchase hi res digital copy to print for personal use?


[deleted] t1_jatb6hr wrote



Nateloobz OP t1_jatk8ca wrote

Lol what? Yes


[deleted] t1_jatx3hh wrote



SquishyPants22 t1_jau80tw wrote

>As if this is in everyones backyard..... Your complete refusal to ackowledge that pictures can be stolen is very suspicious.

What the fuck are you rambling about? It's not in everyone's backyard. That's why he said near Svolvaer, Norway, -- go look it up on the map.

Also, he doesn't need to steal anything. He's a professional photographer who does this for a living. You would understand that if you put down your hatred goggles and looked at some of his other postings here. Man you're completely ridiculous.


[deleted] t1_jau9676 wrote



SquishyPants22 t1_jauc5ql wrote

>No asking is pretty normal. Whats NOT normal is stalking.

Do you even know what that word means? No one is stalking you. Go get a grip on yourself. Either way, your line of questioning and accusing the OP of stealing is what a delusional idiot would say. Go troll elsewhere.


girlgamerpoi t1_jaus3k4 wrote

Someone make this into a wallpaper engine live wallpaper!


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