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Nateloobz OP t1_jara8a9 wrote

I would definitely recommend a wider lens for up there, it's a very expansive place. You can also rent a lens if you're not ready to commit to something forever.

I hope you get to see the lights, also! March 28th is pretty late in the year, as of March 31st there is officially no more nighttime in Lofoten until September 14th.


DanzakFromEurope t1_jarc16a wrote

We are going on a 14 day roadtrip (from Czechia) so renting is out of the question because buying a lens would cost almost the same (and I could resell it after I return). I am already taking a 35L bag full of photo/video stuff so space might be a concern too 😅.

Don't know why, but I didn't check when the "no night" period starts....hopefully it will still be somewhat dark (we are also staying in Abisko and then driving down through Sweden). We have to be in Narvik on 30.3. (One of us is flying back to Oslo) so maybe we will be around Narvik from 26-30th.


zb0t1 t1_jarq9cw wrote

Risky to travel all the way there for a shot like this without checking if it's still gonna be possible! But if you can adapt and find other things to do as an alternative in the worst case then you can still spend a good time. Norway has beautiful sites, nature etc. Have fun!


DanzakFromEurope t1_jarqoez wrote

Yeah, we are not traveling all the way upthere just to take a pic :D We have some friends in Oslo, so we will be staying there for a couple of days and than move on. It's more of a "turn off trip" because some of us are going through a somewhat difficult moments :D