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[deleted] t1_jatx3hh wrote


SquishyPants22 t1_jau80tw wrote

>As if this is in everyones backyard..... Your complete refusal to ackowledge that pictures can be stolen is very suspicious.

What the fuck are you rambling about? It's not in everyone's backyard. That's why he said near Svolvaer, Norway, -- go look it up on the map.

Also, he doesn't need to steal anything. He's a professional photographer who does this for a living. You would understand that if you put down your hatred goggles and looked at some of his other postings here. Man you're completely ridiculous.


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SquishyPants22 t1_jauc5ql wrote

>No asking is pretty normal. Whats NOT normal is stalking.

Do you even know what that word means? No one is stalking you. Go get a grip on yourself. Either way, your line of questioning and accusing the OP of stealing is what a delusional idiot would say. Go troll elsewhere.