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Brokenlamp245 t1_jdvxt4f wrote

This looks like cgi!

I feel like I went to this location in world of warcraft


SkyZgone t1_jdwxkxo wrote

This is EXACTLY what I thought and I have never even played WoW. But on first glance it does look like some low poly rendering of a mountaintop.


The_Titam t1_jdx97be wrote

I saw this and was thinking that Northrend looks good this time of year.


Claris-chang t1_jdxw29t wrote

I thought Tanaris at night time because of the sand around the cliffs.


Bilbemel t1_jdynnwg wrote

I've played WoW for years. I literally thought it was a screenshot from WoW.


Amazing lol


Hokulol t1_jdyiksg wrote

Yea I came here to say this looked like wow=


outofcontrol420 t1_jdx9u6d wrote

Lots of shows and movies are being filmed here in Alberta because you can just find a million different picture quality locations.

The biggest and most expensive film project ever in Canada was the Last of us. And the Director said it has everything you could ever want for filming locations.

Except palm trees and ocean I guess


NeonFraction t1_jdxo87f wrote

This is an incredible shot! lt looks unreal, like a skybox with UV stretching and the simple shapes smooth of the rocks makes it seem even more like a game. Real life mimicking art!

You’ve really captured an amazing moment.


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VectorBrain t1_jdxonlc wrote

I thought someone had stolen your pic before I saw the username. Great pics man.


Jtiezy t1_jdy782y wrote

Fantastic! Great to see some amazing work done at the Hoodoos. Thanks for sharing!


babygrapes-oo t1_jdwxf16 wrote

Wow that looks super fake! Nice work