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BuggsMeany t1_jeenfe1 wrote

Beautiful pic, but even more impressive in person. I was not prepared when I saw it.


_thinkaboutit t1_jefcde5 wrote

So true, definitely worth seeing in person.


bcgroom t1_jegeb9u wrote

I didn’t expect the big bowl next to it, all the pictures have it out of frame


gloriana_1558 t1_jeghqij wrote

This! I refused to walk the bowl to get underneath the arch. My fiancé made it though and got some awesome photos.

FWIW - going in February was the best. No crowds. We had the arch completely to ourselves around 9-10am which is unheard of during the peak seasons. It was magical.

Super small ice patches on some places but nothing that felt dangerous.


bcgroom t1_jegp6mx wrote

Nice! I was there with a friend who was taking star photos (so it was pitch black), and it was a bit scary haha. They actually went into it for some different angles and it was fine so it’s probably not as steep as it feels. At least there are some flat parts once you make it around the bowl.


Bl4nxx t1_jefso46 wrote

How did you get a photo without people in it? That’s more shocking than the arch, at this point.


Sedated_Cat OP t1_jeft3w8 wrote

I waited for a good 20 minutes then photoshopped out the remaining couple of people. I never understood getting someone to take a photo of you under the arch from 2 meters away.


Bl4nxx t1_jefwsqa wrote

I can’t either. It’s madness. Great photo though!


AdventureBum t1_jefentr wrote

Great shot of Delicate Arch! I love that hike.


SkyWizarding t1_jeeu9um wrote

Great park. Would absolutely go again


Photonix2368 t1_jeeqr60 wrote

Beautiful pic!! Love the colors of the sky behind.


OkMarionberry2875 t1_jefc94u wrote

How does this happen? Is it created by wind or water or just birthed out of the earth like this? I must go see it in person.


RevolutionaryBed3722 t1_jefx4cy wrote

Look like legs


serenidade t1_jegn08m wrote

It's had a few fun alternate names in its time because of it: Cowboy Chaps Arch, and Old Maid's Bloomers!


MoBambaNYC t1_jegewrd wrote

That sunset looks familiar


tintedsemiconductor t1_jegf20t wrote

How were you able to take a picture without any other persons in it? At this juncture, that is even more startling than the arch.


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Gatorinnc t1_jefkpww wrote

Clouds paying homage by matching the arch pattern.


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ONE-EYE-OPTIC t1_jeglued wrote

ANP has been popping up on my feed a lot this week. Always so beautiful.


Tritium3016 t1_jegp1o7 wrote

Kinda looks like that Chinese open hand over a closed fist greeting. The left arch being the fist, the right being the covering hand.


Melkors_Mishaps t1_jeh0qj5 wrote

When I saw this in person I had gotten the scale entirely wrong in my head. I'd never seen a pic with a person in it so I thought it was 10-15ft tall. I remember turning the corner and just saying 'woah'.

The opposite with landscape arch, I thought it was maybe 50-100'. Was a little more disappointed seeing it haha.


woodwalker700 t1_jeg7bv6 wrote

Seriously, go to Arches. I went and didn't even go directly up to this one (called Fragile Arch) because there's a long line and a bit of a hike to see it, but there's a ton more to scamper around and see. Its gorgeous.


elfof4sky t1_jefb1i8 wrote

I give this arch another 10 years before it falls.


AdventureBum t1_jeffv7z wrote

Well this is still there, even though a major part of it collapsed more than thirty years ago, and it’s far more fragile and precarious than this one. Delicate Arch has been around for thousands of years and will probably continue to be for at least a thousand more.