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nunyazz t1_jb7wlvg wrote

Went there a couple years ago and it was all but dried up. But is beautiful when water is present. Nice little hike.


lurkerfromstoneage t1_jb96img wrote

Love this spot. Have hiked up there multiple times. But damn has it gotten busy…. So unsustainably busy in fact they had to introduce a fee based permit system and you need to make reservations during the peak season. People can be such asshats in the wilderness I hate it One example


BlueAndMoreBlue t1_jba2z1m wrote

Wow — and it’s not an easy hike up there for fat old farts like me. I visited about 20 years ago and it was busy but not let’s have permits busy. One of the linked articles said 137k visitors which blows my dang mind


cathrn67 t1_jb70hj9 wrote

This area is beautiful, remember it from many years ago, happy to see it hasn’t changed.


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